The European automobile manufacturers’ association Acea has welcomed a resolution adopted by the European Parliament on the future of the automotive industry in light of the current crisis.

“The Parliament underlines that the financial and economic crisis causes serious problems and that the automotive industry is particularly hard hit. The Parliament puts its full political weight behind support measures from European institutions and governments and stresses that urgency is key”, says Ivan Hodac, secretary general of the vehicle manufacturers’ trade association ACEA.

In the resolution the European Parliament called on EU member states and Commission to:

  • Increase the lending capacity of the European Investment Bank;

  • Speed up and simplify access to credit;

  • Coordinate fleet renewal measures throughout the EU;

  • Support measures to retain a high-skilled workforce;

  • Facilitate and sustain high levels of R&D;

  • Ensure a balanced and fair trade agreement with South-Korea;

  • Scrutinise new regulatory proposals to ensure competitiveness.

“As the Parliament states, the current crisis is caused by the credit crunch and the rapid deterioration of demand. These factors outweigh by far the more structural issues that manufacturing sectors are facing in today’s globalised economy. The auto manufacturers have responded swiftly, but the extraordinary circumstances demand exceptional measures to ensure employment and investments,” Hodac added.