Skoda is to show a facelifted Octavia MingRui at the upcoming Beijing Auto Show.

The Octavia MingRui was the first product in Škoda’s growing portfolio manufactured in the Shanghai Volkswagen plant.

The Octavia MingRui has been available in China since June 2007, and more than 85,000 cars were sold last year alone. In addition, the Shanghai Volkswagen plant has been manufacturing the Fabia JingRui since 2008 and the brand’s flagship Superb HaoRui since 2009.

Škoda says its vehicles manufactured in China are adapted to meet the requirements of local customers.

In contrast with the models sold in Europe, Škoda vehicles in China are fitted exclusively with petrol engines. The range includes the 1.4 TSI 130bhp; 1.4 TSI 130bhp DSG; 1.6 MPI 105bhp 5-speed manual; 1.6 MPI 105bhp 6-speed automatic; 2.0 TDI PD 120bhp 5-speed manual; and 2.0 TDI PD 120bhp 6-speed automatic in combination with a six-speed Tiptronic transmission.

The exterior design has been adapted by adding additional chrome-plated items. The basic trim level is, generous, as it includes standard equipment such as air-conditioning and lightweight alloy wheels across the whole model range. 

Škoda Auto will also present the facelifted Octavia derivatives – the Octavia vRS with its two-litre turbo engine with twin-charging and an automatic DSG transmission as well as the economical Octavia MingRui GreenLine with a 1.4 TSI unit, also in combination with DSG.

Škoda Auto BOD Chairman, Reinhard Jung, commented, “The introduction of the facelifted Octavia MingRui is another important step in our expansion in the growing Chinese market and is also in line with our growth strategy of launching one key model every year.”

“Last year was another record-breaking year for Škoda in China again – using a network of already 245 dealers and authorised garages, we delivered 122,556 vehicles to our customers in the Chinese market which represents an increase of 106.6%. Moreover, we sold over 42,700 cars during the first three months. China is, therefore, becoming an increasingly important market for Škoda Auto“, said Jung.

Škoda says it is likely to achieve sales growth of at least 50% in 2010.