Bee Charging Solutions has selected Alfen as its supplier to provide the company with smart charge points for electric vehicles.

The companies have signed a framework agreement for an initial period of three years.

The partnership focuses primarily on real estate and companies, but may also include home charging and public charging. Bee is owned by three energy companies in Sweden: Öresundskraft, Jämtkraft and Tekniska verken in Linköping.

In addition to offering charge points for EV charging at home and in public areas, Bee also provides companies and real estate owners with charging solutions for their employees, visitors, and residents. Alfen offers a range of smart charge points for use at home, work and in public areas.

If multiple Alfen smart charging stations are installed on one site, Alfen’s Smart Charging Network and Active Load Balancing solutions can be added. This functionality enables Bee customers to connect up to 100 charge points in a single installation and balance the available power across all vehicles charging.

The main advantage of this solution, says Alfen, is charging speeds are maximised within the available local grid capacity, avoiding overloading the local electricity supply. 

“The market is growing fast and requires increasingly smarter solutions,” said Bee Charging Solutions, CEO, Fredrik Nordin. “We believe we have found a partner in Alfen who can provide us with the right smart, fast and secure charging solutions, not only today but also in the future.”