Autotalks , a V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) chip maker, said its chipset had been selected for a mass production C-V2X programme in China, one of the first to be deployed there.

The deal is the first mass-production C-V2X supply contract for Autotalks and consists of a Telematics Control Unit (TCU), with C-V2X powered by the chipset, built by an unnamed “top Tier 1” supplier.

Such pre-launch confidentially is normal in the highly competitive, multi-tier supplier sector, with vendors usually not allowed to name the end user automaker until well after a new model vehicle has been launched.

Autotalks said selection of its chipset for the project followed rigorous testing and evaluation that “proved the leading radio performance and greater level of security of its C-V2X product, as well as thermal resiliency and true transmit diversity.

Ability to meet a strict schedule was also instrumental.

The production grade C-V2X meets all Chinese performance, configuration, throughput and security requirements and is now ready for deployment there as well as in other markets, after extensive testing in China over the last year.

According to research data, China is expected to lead the global V2X market, with an estimated 629,000 light vehicles produced in the region equipped with C-V2X technology in 2020, and the country is expected to stay in the lead through to 2024. 

In October 2019, Autotalks successfully demonstrated its chipset’s conformance to the Chinese C-V2X standard and its OSCCA-compliant security in the first large-scale interoperability demonstration of multi-brand C-V2X communication.

Hagai Zyss, CEO of Autotalks, said “this important win is a clear testimony to the trust that leading OEMs and [tier suppliers] put in Autotalks and to our differentiation as a standalone global V2X chipset provider setting the benchmark on performance and security”.

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