Autoliv, the vehicle safety systems supplier, has changed its annual stockholder meeting to a virtual gathering.

This will take place online on Thursday, 7 May, 2020 at 13:00 – 13:45 p.m. (US eastern time).

"Due to the public health impact of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) and to support the health and well-being of our employees, stockholders, and our community, our board of directors has decided to change the location of the 2020 Annual stockholders meeting to a virtual meeting, via webcast, format only. We expect to return to in-person meetings in the future," the supplier said in a statement.

The supplier's home country of Sweden has not enforced a strict lockdown, unlike most European countries – some of which, such as Denmark, Spain and Austria, are now loosening the bonds on citizens. Sweden's primary schools, bars and restaurants have remained open and exercise is unrestricted.

But there have been suggestions things may have to get tougher if the death tally keeps rising.