Autoliv, the automotive safety systems specialist, announced that it will make a US$15m investment in Autotech Ventures, the digital ground transport venture capital fund.

The supplier said investment in Autotech Ventures, a fund focused broadly on the automotive industry, complements its own innovation strategy, particularly in the areas of active safety and autonomous driving.

Autoliv's electonics segment has grown rapidly and today represents more than 20% of the company's annual revenues. It was only around 15 years ago that it first entered the automotive electronics market but has grown to claim leadership in some segments such as active safety products and technologies for autonomous driving as well as passive safety electronics.

This success has been built through both organic growth and acquisitions. With the pace of innovation accelerating, this type of investment in a specialised fund will be one way to stay at the forefront of emerging trends and opportunities to capitalise on external innovations.

"The automotive industry is in a period of unprecedented change. The combination of increased focus on autonomous driving, environmental concerns and shared mobility leads to new opportunities for industry leaders. The Autotech Ventures fund gives us a way to review a high number of innovative startup companies, particularly in the areas of automation and autonomous driving which are core to our strategy", said Jan Carlson, chairman, president and CEO of Autoliv.

Autotech Ventures is a specialised digital ground transport venture capital fund, focused particularly on software and services. In addition to the potential financial returns it provides top level corporate investors access to a broad deal flow, co-investment rights for the fund's startups and provides independent opinion on startups as well as a high decision making speed.