Autoliv  has announced that it has completed the first unique crash test with a concept airbag for e-scooters.

It says initial results indicate the e-scooter airbag reduces injuries to an e-scooter rider’s head and chest. This is the next step in a focused and continued effort to provide safety solutions within the area of micromobility.

The roads and sidewalks in the world’s cities are shared by pedestrians, cars and bicycles, and more recently new micromobility means of transportation such as e-scooters. As the number of e-scooters rapidly grows in many cities so does the need to provide safety systems for those using them.

“In a world where there are still too many casualties in the transport system, and when society is evolving rapidly to new ways of mobility, Autoliv is researching new solutions to make the journey safer to anyone’s destination. This first e-scooter test is a good example of the commitment of Autoliv to save more lives, exploring new solutions for one of the new ways of mobility,” says Jordi Lombarte, Autoliv CTO.

“In the unfortunate event where a collision occurs between an e-scooter and a vehicle, the tested airbag solution will reduce the collision force to the head and other parts of the body. The ambition to evaluate protection for e-scooters underlines Autoliv´s strategy to expand beyond occupant safety for light vehicles to safety for mobility and society,” says Cecilia Sunnevång, Autoliv Vice President of Research.

The tested concept airbag for e-scooters will complement the Pedestrian Protection Airbag, PPA, previously introduced by Autoliv. Whereas the airbag for e-scooters is mounted on the e-scooter, the PPA is mounted on a vehicle and deploys along the A-pillar/windshield area. This makes it the only airbag to deploy on the outside of a vehicle. Working together, the two airbags offer increased protection for drivers of e-scooters specifically in the case of a head-to-head collision with a vehicle.

Moreover, additional safety solutions within the area of micromobility are currently being evaluated. One example is the integration of e-scooter driving behavior and unique user insights in the Autoliv Safety Score application. The result of these different efforts is a more comprehensive holistic approach to improve safety in an increasingly micromobile society.

The initial development and subsequent first crash test of the airbag for e-scooters has been done by Autoliv. The ambition is however that the continued work with the airbag will be conducted in close cooperation with partners.