Autoliv and Mersen are collaborating to develop disconnect devices, which they say will help make electric vehicles safer.

Unlike traditional passenger cars, which function with a 12-volt electrical system, today’s electric vehicles can have systems with more than 500 volts.

In an accident, those high voltage systems may pose a greater risk of catching fire, potentially harming occupants and first responders.

The Autoliv and Mersen collaboration will produce disconnect devices that use Autoliv’s pyrotechnical safety switch (Pyroswitch) technology and Mersen’s fuse hybridisation concepts, to create affordable devices which can disconnect up to 1,000-volt power source in milliseconds, before dangerous arcing can occur.

“Autoliv is committed to Saving More Lives and together with Mersen, we are committed to fostering technology that saves lives,” said Autoliv CTO, Jordi Lombarte.

“Combined, we have more than 165 years’ of experience. By working together to make electric vehicles safer, we will accelerate the speed of innovation and impact for our customers and communities.”