BMW claims that investment in its ‘efficient dynamics’ environmental technologies is paying off in the market and that it will post a big CO2 fleet average improvement later this month.

Speaking to business journalists in Austria where the new Mini Convertible was rolled out, the company’s marketing head, Ian Robertson, said that BMW was well placed with its environmental technolgies as regulatory frameworks around Europe increasingly focus on CO2 performance.

“At the end of this month the EU will issue fleet average CO2 results and BMW will have improved more than any other manufacturer,” he said.

“Our result – which will be less than 160g/km fleet average – will be below the German average. In Germany there are premium brands and volume brands and that tells you something of the competition we have beaten with our efficient dynamics technology.”

BMW’s so-called ‘efficient dynamics’ technologies include mild hybrid elements such as stop-start and brake energy regeneration.

Of BMW Group’s total sales of 1.435m vehicles in 2008, some 830,000 units were fitted with efficient dynamics technologies.

Dave Leggett

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