Volvo this week became the first car manufacturer in Australia to use broadband
advertising, less than a month after launching an advertising campaign using palmtop
computing devices.

According to the website australia.internet.com, the company has signed a cross-platform
agreement with Excite@Home Australia to advertise its new Volvo S60 model on
both the high-speed cable Internet service, Optus@Home and an Internet portal,

The advertisement, featured in the News, Money & Investing and Autos sections
of excite.com.au and themed ‘ReVolvolution’, reflects the company’s demographic
reach, according to Volvo.

The advertisement makes maximum use of B*Box (Broadband Box), an advertising
format which delivers an interactive experience to the consumer by using the
latest Web technologies and large file sizes.

Nikki Foster, Volvo’s advertising and brand manager, said: "Volvo is a
forward thinking company and the S60 is a new and exciting car".

"We chose to advertise with Excite@Home Australia because they offered
us two platforms that would help portray the S60 in new and exciting ways on
the Internet. We were totally convinced by the instant downloads and speed at
which the ads were delivered on broadband – it was no different to watching
a television commercial."

Excite@Home director of sales and e-commerce Kylie O’Reilly said: “The time
spent interacting with broadband ads can range from 30 seconds to as much as
five minutes. Depending on [the advertisement’s creativity], more than double
click-through rates can be achieved with broadband ads due to the increased
level of interactivity available".