The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries says that its sales forecast for
Australia in 2000 remains set at 780,000 vehicles despite a slight rise in volume
in November.

The November 2000 industry volume of 71,796 new vehicles was up 1,875 or 2.7%
on November 1999 (69,921). November (25.7) 2000 with the same number of selling
days as November (25.7) 1999 resulted in a daily sales rate increase of 73.0
vehicles per day.

That was an all time record for November, providing further momentum to a substantially
stronger market since the introduction of the GST sales tax mid-year which slowed
first-half sales. The 5 months since June were cumulatively 40,000 ahead of
the same period in 1999.

November sales were 4,154 units or 6.1% ahead of October. With November having
0.2 of a selling day more than October (25.5) this translates to an increase
in daily rate terms of 5.3% or 141.0 vehicles per day.

Passenger vehicle sales increased by 3,797 (7.9%) compared with November 1999.
However, light truck sales fell by 1,733 vehicles (-8.6%) and the heavy commercials
declined by 189 vehicles (-9.8%) over November 1999.

Toyota was market leader in November, followed by Holden and Ford. Toyota retains
the top spot year-to-date over Holden with a margin of 1,566 vehicles, or 0.2%.