The supercharged V6 engine in the upcoming Toyota Australia Trd Aurion (Camry V6), the first production car to use the new Eaton twin-vortices supercharger (TVS), has exceeded its performance targets, according to chief engineer Stephen Castles.

Castles said this included a power output target of at least 235kW for the supercharged 3.5-litre dual VVT-i V6 engine. He added that final acceleration times are better than predicted when development began two years ago.

Melbourne-based Harrop Engineering has packaged the new Eaton supercharger for its pioneering Toyota application.

Castles said TRD engineers continually set tougher targets during the development stage. He added that the impressive results were achieved while maintaining Toyota’s high levels of quality, durability and reliability.

“The total engine performance is definitely one of the key positives of the TRD Aurion package,” he said. The TVS unit has performed really well and definitely helped deliver the engine performance we need.”

Castles noted the manufacturing of supercharger components was simplified as the Eaton-designed unit does not require an intercooler.

Eaton’s new design substantially reduces engine noise and – unlike a turbocharger – improves power and torque across the entire rev range.

Castles claimed the quality of the standard Toyota-designed Aurion V6 engine was vital to the success of the sporty Australian-developed TRD derivative.

“It was a great benefit to have such a well-designed, sophisticated and well-built engine to work with from the start,” he said.

Perth-based Orbital Engine Company assisted TRD with vital testing and component development.

“Our engine calibration partner Orbital was surprised at how well the components stood up after putting it through some rigorous testing,” Castles said.

Unlike its full-manufacturing affiliates elsewhere in the world, Toyota Australia markets the latest Camry models in two distinct lines – the four-cylinder Camry and the V6-powered Aurion, the latter distinguished by minor styling changes.