The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Mitsubishi Motors Australia has issued a memo to all workers following publicity surrounding the car manufacturer’s future in the country, writes Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) News Online (22/11/00).

Mr Phillips accused the Australian Broadcasting Corporation of sensationalist reporting. The memo also informed the employees of a complaint by Mr Phillips to the Managing Director of ABC which suggests that the transcript of an interview given in Japan by Mitsubishi President Takashi Sonobe has little relevance with the actual comments of Mr Sonobe. Mr Phillips refused to be interviewed by ABC News about his concerns.

However, the Australian media organisation’s Tokyo reporter says that video tape of the press conference clearly shows Mitsubishi’s President saying that the company will have to consider the feasibility of the operation from next year and beyond.

The video tape also shows Mr Sonobe saying that no decision has been made concerning the future of Mitsubishi’s operations within Australia, according to ABC’s Tokyo reporter.