Motors Australia’s managing director, Tom Phillips, said that the contents of
the outline of Mitsubishi’s new management vision this week did not come as a
surprise to him.

"The conversations I had when I was in Japan a couple of weeks ago indicated
that the Australian operations would not be featured in the release of the vision,
or when the detail is announced next month.

“I expect the part Australia will play in the international jigsaw will become
known later in the year when the integrated global product plan is finalised,"
Phillips said.

He added that he remained confident of the future of the Australian manufacturing
operations because the plant is flexible, the workforce skilled, the product
quality world-class, productivity levels above MMC targets, the supplier base
well established and the industrial relations climate stable.

"These factors are tremendously important, and we have shown a huge turnaround
over the last year.

“All these points have been recognised by the new MMC board in Japan and I
am confident about our future," Phillips said.