European Automotive Imports (EAI), which took over as the Australian and New Zealand Ferrari importer seven years ago, has delivered its 1000th car, a 458 Spider.

“One thousand Ferraris is a lot of thoroughbred Italian supercars,” said Kevin Wall, general manager of the Ateco group unit in both countries.

“But to put into perspective what EAI has achieved in the past seven years, this year is also the 60th anniversary of Ferrari entering the Australian car market and the total number of Ferraris here is now a little over 2500, so in the last seven years EAI has nearly doubled the number of Ferraris on our roads.”

EAI took over the franchise in 2005 with a commitment to significantly lift the level of customer service. It has since opened new multi-million dollar dealerships in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, along a major upgrade of the Auckland outlet in New Zealand.

The Ferrari range has also been widened. The 599 GTB is now the best-selling V12 model sold in Australasia while the California, with 70% of owners new to the brand, has brought in more new customers than any other model.

“Australia and New Zealand, as the 60th anniversary indicates, were amongst the very first markets outside Italy to recognise the extraordinary abilities offered by Ferrari and to start importing its cars,” added Wall.

“The delivery of the 1000th Ferrari in seven years shows that this desire to own a Ferrari is stronger than ever.”