The Audi A1 will be built at the Seat plant in Martorell following the success of the Q3 there but the plant is losing the larger vehicle. Production of the A1, currently built in Brussels, is set to begin in 2018. The A1 will bring investments and employment to the plant in addition to contributing to achieving the factory’s full production capacity.
Audi said the Q3, manufactured in Martorell since mid-2011, will shift to Hungary’s Györ facilities. With an annual forecast of 100,000 units, since production of the Q3 began in Martorell, the factory has exceeded the initial figures by reaching a total production output of 478,000 units. The A1 will be the second premium car built in Spain following the Q3.

“The Martorell plant has a long-standing experience and manufactures the Q3 with the highest quality”, said Audi production chief Hubert Waltl. “Therefore, we made the decision to produce the A1 in Martorell. So we leverage additional synergies within the Volkswagen Group and fuse additional essential competencies.”

Seat chairman Luca de Meo acknowledged “the full confidence placed in SEAT and the Martorell plant by Audi and the Volkswagen Group. Production of the A1 is magnificent news and will bring us more volume and greater income in the next few years”.