Arval and Ridecell have signed a partnership to accelerate the development of end-to-end mobility solutions.

In 2022, the new Arval Car Sharing platform will soft launch in Belgium, with a widespread roll out in the latter half of the year, expanding to other European countries.

Ultimately, the goal is to offer coverage in all Arval’s markets worldwide, with plans to grow the car sharing fleet by 50% each year.

Arval and Ridecell’s five-year agreement aligns with Arval’s 2020-2025 plan, Arval Beyond, which aims to offer customers a mobility experience.

Through connected products and services, Arval’s plan will support users through their energy transition.

“For several years, Arval has clearly identified multimodal mobility solutions as an answer to the market demands for easier, faster, more comfortable and environmentally friendly experiences,” said Arval chairman and CEO, Alain van Groenendael.

“Ridecell is a very experienced partner, capable of providing our customers [with] a car sharing platform. We believe Ridecell will make a significant contribution to Arval’s mobility transformation objectives.”

The new Arval Car Sharing offer will also integrate with The Arval Mobility App, a B2B MaaS solution, which enables employees to choose the most suitable mobility option for their journey.

The partnership will support the recently- launched Arval Mobility Hub concept, which gathers shared mobility options including car, bike and micro-mobility solutions in one location. It is available at Arval corporate clients’ premises.