Allison Transmission is partnering with Indianapolis Transportation Corporation, IndyGo, with Allison supplying its next generation electric hybrid propulsion solutions for transit buses as part of a 27-unit bus procurement.

The Allison H 40 EP will be paired with the Cummins B6.7 in 24 of the 27 Gillig buses.

In addition, IndyGo, Allison and Cummins are partnering by integrating Allison’s new electric hybrid propulsion system, eGen Flex into three of IndyGo’s new buses.

The eGen Flex Max specified by IndyGo will enable pure electric (engine off) operation for up to ten miles on any route, at any time, without capital infrastructure investment in charging stations. The eGen Flex system is Allison’s initial product offering through its recently announced eGen portfolio of electric and hybrid electric propulsion solutions.

“By integrating eGen Flex-equipped buses into their fleet, IndyGo has demonstrated to our community they are committed to reducing dependence on fossil fuels, enhancing the quality of life in our community, protecting the environment and minimising their total cost of ownership,” said Allison Transmission VP of North America Sales, Rohan Barua.

The eGen Flex system is capable of improving fuel economy by up to 25% versus a conventional diesel bus and it has the ability to operate accessories such as air conditioning and electric heat. Moving these accessories to electric power also reduces the strain on the engine. These capabilities combine to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

The eGen Flex can also eliminate engine emissions and noise while loading and unloading passengers, in dense pedestrian areas and in zero emission zones and bus depots. The electric vehicle operation in zero emission zones and bus depots through the use of geo-fencing, reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

“This partnership with Allison lays the foundation for future collaboration as we jointly advance clean air propulsion and emphasises our commitment to a clean fleet to improve the greater Indianapolis community and reduce our carbon footprint,” added IndyGo president and CEO, Inez Evans.

“IndyGo is in the business of moving people, and the decision to choose Allison electric hybrids directly aligns with IndyGo’s mission in providing safe, reliable and accessible mobility options to Marion County.”