Chinese vehicle producer and start-up AIWAYS says it has re-commenced production of the all-electric U5 SUV at its manufacturing facility in Shangrao, China, following the interruption caused by COVID-19. Production of the European market U5 will start in July, with the first deliveries now slated for August 2020.

AIWAYS also says it is adapting its pre-sale marketing activities to better suit the enforced period of 'contactless' retail because of COVID-19. By introducing new online platforms and 'seamless digital experiences', AIWAYS clains it will give European car buyers the confidence to order the U5 online. More details are to follow soon, the company says.

Aiways' factory was built from the ground up in just 14 months to produce electric vehicles. The plant is currently able to produce 150,000 cars a year, and can accommodate an increased production capacity to 300,000 cars a year when demand rises, it says.

The factory consists of a stamping plant, body shop, paint shop, battery packing station and assembly shop.

The new automaker claims its mid-size SUV will offer style, premium build quality and 503km battery range (NEDC).