Aiways has signed a joint venture (JV) agreement with Shanghai Kuaibu New Energy Technology (KBVIP) to become the first EV startup to offer power station and storage technology, and battery inspection to drivers in China.

With a 65% share in the partnership, Aiways will work with the CATL-backed KBVIP to set up a network of  ‘AI smart supercharge stations’ across China. The first station is set to open in Shangrao, near Aiways’ production base, in September 2021.

Each station will be capable of photovoltaic (solar) power generation, energy storage, EV charging and battery health checks. During the charging process, users can use functions such as battery inspection and two-way charging/discharging (V2G) service.

Based on the upcoming ‘Battery Health Management’ service, users can receive a ‘Battery Test Report’ within 20 minutes of charging to help them understand the car’s battery status, and create a personalised service.

The efficient charge stations will provide between six and 12 simultaneous charge points capable of charging the U5 EV from 30% to 80% in just 30 minutes, as well as other EVs.

Xiaoying Gu, COO of Aiways, sid: “As the electric vehicle industry continues to boom, it is more important than ever to offer intelligent charging stations to our customers.”

Aiways has already expanded into battery swapping technology.

It plans to have 100 charging stations operational across China in the near future.