Toyota is recalling 2,867,816 vehicles worldwide for a potential problem with the fuel system charcoal canister evaporative emissions control unit and a further 1,433,988 vehicles to check a side curtain airbag inflator. The inflator is not a Takata product, the supplier has not been named. Some models will be recalled for both fixes.

The carbon canister issue affects Toyota Corolla/Auris, Prius, Prius PHV, SAI and Lexus CT200h and HS205h models made between 2006 and 2015.

The vehicles are being recalled due to the possibility that the canister fixed to the fuel tank could develop a crack. If the crack is present, it has the potential to expand and cause a minor fuel leak when the vehicle has a full tank of fuel.

Toyota UK said 72,885 of its Prius, Auris and Lexus CT 200h models are affected with 34,135 requiring both actions.

"Worldwide, there have been no reports of any accidents or injuries relating to these issues," the NSC said in a statement.

It said cracks could develop in the coating of the emissions channel due to improper shaping of portions of the channel. The cracks could expand over time and cause leaks if the petrol tank is full.

Dealers will install a new canister in a process taking two to three hours.

Curtain shield air bags (CSA) in the driver and passenger side roof rails have air bag inflators composed of two chambers welded together.  Some inflators could have a small crack in the weld area joining the chambers, which could grow over time, and lead to the separation of the inflator chambers.  This has been observed when the vehicle is parked and unoccupied for a period of time.  If an inflator separates, the CSA could partially inflate, and, in limited circumstances, one or both sections of the inflator could enter the interior of the vehicle.  If an occupant is present in the vehicle, there is an increased risk of injury.

Dealers will install retention brackets on the inflators designed to prevent the inflator chambers from entering the vehicle interior if separation occurs.

Vehicles subject to this recall were made October 2008 to August 2012. The repair will take approximately two to four hours.

Toyota Australia said its recall included 4,560 previous generation Prius vehicles built between April 2009 and April 2012.

Toyota New Zealand's airbag recall is just 1,162 'New Zealand new' models – 308 CT200h and 851 Prius) with investigation into used import numbers (imported both by the NSC's own 'Signature' used car unit and by independent parallel importers) "in progress".