Glass maker AGC has officially opened anechoic chambers in Gosselies, Belgium, for the development of automotive on-glass antennas.

It said completion of this facility provided R&D for such components in Japan, the US, and Europe, a claimed first for the glass industry.

AGC said automotive glass was playing an increasingly important role as an antenna/gateway for radio wave transmission and reception in the age of the connected car.

Advanced simulation technologies and highly precise measuring technologies are required from the product designing and development phase to design and position an on-glass antenna to achieve high-speed communications such as broadcasting services and 5G without spoiling the car design.

AGC has produced automotive on-glass antennas for over 40 years.

AGC also designs automotive on-glass antennas in its anechoic chambers in Japan and the US.

It said: “By completing the anechoic chambers in Europe, AGC has established a framework for accelerating the research and development of antennas to meet the demand for connected” cars in the age of the Internet of Things.”