BMW UK has cut pricing for the i3 EV line to enable buyers to benefit from the recently reduced UK government plug in car grant (PiCG).

From 18 March, the government has provided grants of up to GBP2,500 for electric vehicles on cars priced under GBP35,000. It was previously GBP3,000 on cars costing up to GBP50,000. Until the 2020 budget, the grant had been GBP3,500 for any EV.

BMW has apparently had to reverse course swiftly. According to a 9 March Autocar article, the UK unit raised prices by GBP3,665, meaning the entry-level car now cost from GBP39,690 before the government's then-GBP3,000 electric car grant. Prices for the i3s, which delivers 13bhp and 15lb ft more than the standard car, as well as improved dynamics courtesy of its wider track and firmer suspension, now began at GBP42,220 before the grant – slightly more than a top version of the new Volkswagen ID 4 electric SUV. 

On the road pricing before grant for the starter car has now been hacked back (considerably more than the March rise) to GBP33,805 while the i3s was cut to GBP34,805. There have been no changes to standard specification.

BMW said it had sold over 22,000 examples in the UK and over 200,000 worldwide.

Production has been confirmed out to 2024, according to Autocar.