Europe’s Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (Acea) says new emissions testing is urgently required and that it “fully agrees” with the need for real-world evaluation.

“We urgently need to have a new test method to bridge the gap between the current laboratory testing of pollutant emissions, as defined by law and the very different conditions experienced on the road,” said ACEA Secretary General, Erik Jonnaert.

Alongside other stakeholders, ACEA adds it has been contributing to the efforts of the EC and Member States to develop a robust Real Driving Emissions (RDE) test.

During the October meeting of the Commission’s regulatory committee (TCMV), a compromise was agreed on RDE with testing standards, which ACEA says will be “extremely difficult for automobile manufacturers to reach in a short space of time,” and highly challenging targets in a second step.

The TCMV also agreed the RDE conformity factor should be reviewed in the future.

“Despite the challenges in the latest proposals, the industry urgently needs clarity now so manufacturers can plan the development and design of vehicles in line with the new RDE requirements,” said Jonnaert.

“Any delay to this legislation would leave little time to make the necessary changes and ultimately would just push back the benefits for the environment.

“Our industry needs the RDE test to restore the confidence of consumers and legislators in the environmental performance of new vehicles.”