BYD has delivered an additional 76 eBuses to Nordic public transport operator, Nobina, for use in Helsinki.

The fulfilment completes Finland’s largest ever electric bus order – a 119-unit order for Nobina – and represents BYD’s second delivery to Finland following the arrival of 43 units to Turku in June.

The new Nobina fleet features BYD’s 15-metre city eBus, which debuted in European service in Turku. The operator is also receiving a range of eBus models, including 23 units of the 12-metre model, eight units of BYD’s recently updated 13-metre variant and 44 18-metre articulated buses.

BYD’s iron-phosphate batteries fitted to the 15-metre eBus, can deliver a single-charge range of 400km in SORT (Standardised On-Road Test Cycles) conditions.

Each bus is equipped with a driver cab surround and BYD’s Battery Thermal Management System technology to maximise battery life and optimise driving range in the cold conditions often experienced in Finland. Similarly, to ensure ambient temperature on-board the bus is comfortable, climate pre-heating is fitted for use on early morning starts.

BYD vehicles in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland have covered more than 25m kilometres, resulting in a 27,000-tonne reduction in CO2 emissions, according to the manufacturer.

With its Scandinavian head-office based in Sweden, BYD’s presence in the Nordic market started in 2015 with the launch of its zero-emissions, pure-electric buses. This was followed in 2018 by the introduction of the first BYD pure-electric articulated buses in Oslo. .

“We have had an extremely tight timeframe to deliver the buses and to build the infrastructure ready for operations to begin,” said Nobina Finland MD, Petri Auno.

“With 100% commitment from all the parties, we have been able to hit this most challenging of targets.

“Although this is a big step for Nobina, our passengers and for the PTA’s in Finland, this is only the beginning. By this time next year, our ambition is to double the number of electric buses operated by Nobina in Finland.”