Bizol is a lubricant and technical fluids brand wholly-owned by Boris Tatievski. Matthew Beecham spoke to him about oils for alternative powertrains and how business is shaping-up in BRIC markets.

What are the driving factors in lubricant development?

The driving factors driving the automotive lubricant industry development are:  improve fuel economy, reduction of oil evaporation, reduce emissions of pollutants, and extend the drain intervals while increasing performance in order to meet the requirements of stricter vehicle emissions regulations.

I guess a significantly down-sized engine requires a special lubrication?

Down-sized engines do not require special types of motor oils. However, such engines drive at higher resolutions and superior lubricants with higher heat resistance and advanced additive technology are strongly recommended.

In what ways will increased urbanisation impact your motor oil business?

Increased urbanisation means an increase in city traffic.  The pressure of motor oils of engines that operate in city traffic is constantly decreasing and increasing.  Thus the original characteristics of the motor oil run out much faster.  In essence, the engine components are not as well protected in city traffic.  Bizol has invented our Green Oil Motor oil line for vehicles in city traffic.  Essentially we have experimented much and came up with a unique additive formula which has high protection properties in city traffic.   

Could you tell us more about the ways you are developing lubricants for different drivetrains?

New drivetrains will require new lubricants.  Low-friction PAO-based synthetic motor oils combined with special additives will be the future of the lubricant industry.  There are already gears, wheels with carbon coating that require special additives. Furthermore, with special lubricants for gearboxes and axle drives, fuel savings can be achieved.  In commercial vehicles there are already gear oils with a mileage of 540,000 kilometers in use. The goal is to develop gear oils that can run 1 million kilometers.

Are special lubricants used for cars with stop-start engines?

In this case special lubricants are not needed because the engine is already at optimum temperature. Stopping and starting does not use an excessive amount of fuel. The time that the engine is idling in a motionless vehicle has been reduced considerably.  Generally, when the engine is turned off the oil pressure decreases. When the engine is again turned on, a low viscosity oil like 5W – or 0W – allows the oil pressure to increase rapidly allowing the engine to re-start faster.

We understand that Bizol has expanded its market penetration and expanded distribution in the Asia Pacific region, particularly China. How have you achieved this and what are your ambitions for further growth?

I have kept an eye on the Chinese market for many years now.  Good news for Bizol coming from China because new emission standards for light duty vehicles (China IV and China V) will be introduced as of 2013 in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.  We expect the demand for high-end lubricant to grow.  Bizol’s motor oils and additives often exceed the emission standard requirements.  We believe to be well positioned to serve the growing demand in China.

After a long selection process, we have established distribution in China starting from the Pearl River Delta region.  We are now focusing on the Shanghai region and soon we will focus on the Beijing region.  We have localised our brand in China and have appointed an exclusive distributor. We have plans to expand distribution to all the major regions in China over the next two years. 

Do you have plans to enter other BRIC markets such as India? What do you look for in a potential distributor?

In February, we launched a joint venture in Gorgaon, India named Bizol Grenvo.  After careful consideration, we have selected our partner and concluded an agreement in India because of their extensive experience in marketing, distribution and channel management know-how of the Indian lubricant industry. Bizol Grenvo’s mission in India is to contribute to raise the Indian lubricant industry standards by partnering with a leading German lubricant brand such as Bizol.

Could you tell us more about how you evolved your Green oil to include a range of engine applications?

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