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A driving force for sustainability & diversity: Susie Wolff, Team Principal for ROKiT Venturi Racing

21 Oct 2021 (Last Updated November 9th, 2021 10:44)

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If you grew up around the smell of gasoline and spent your childhood with the roar of engines in the background, it would seem obvious that you might dream about a career in racing. But for young girls, it wasn’t always an easy path. It would take a strong and unbreakable sense of determination to keep the dream alive.

In this episode of the Women Driving the Future series, Ed Bernardon interviews Susie Wolff, Team Principal for ROKiT Venturi Racing. A racing phenom since the age of 8, she earned her place in racing history as the first female driver in 22 years to participate at Formula One Race Weekend at the 2014 British Grand Prix.

Since retiring in 2015, she has successfully directed her focus towards programs like Girls on Track and Dare to Be Different to encourage more young women to consider careers in the industry. Currently, she serves as Team Principal for ROKiT Venturi Racing.

Today, we’ll talk about her early racing aspirations, her history-making life on the track, and how she’s paying it forward for young women everywhere. We’ll also learn about the diverse team she’s building at Venturi, and the ways in which the racing world is adapting in the global push towards sustainability.

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