Uber and Wallbox are expanding their partnership nationwide in the US following a pilot programme.

As previously announced, the partnership provides Uber drivers a discounted package for a Wallbox Pulsar Plus charger, installation and the option to finance the package.

Just a few months after beginning their initial partnership in the Bay Area in October 2021, the companies are expanding their collaboration so that drivers across the U.S. will soon have access to Wallbox’s discounted EV charging package. This will be rolled out in four key groups, in order to reach nationwide coverage by the end of April 2022. Additionally, the two companies are actively discussing a potential global roll-out meprogram beginning in Europe and Canada.

The roll-out is expected to follow four phases; the first covering Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle in January, the second covering Phoenix, New York and Boston in February, the third covering the Midwest and Southeast in March, and the final phase covering the rest of the U.S. excluding Alaska in April.

“Expanding this pilot program across the US is a natural next step as we work together to build more sustainable transportation,” said Douglas Alfaro, general manager of Wallbox North America. “Our charger plus installation package has simplified EV usage for Uber drivers in the Bay area, and we are thrilled to be able to offer the same support to drivers all over the country.”

The partnership is being supported by an Uber programme which makes drivers of fully electric vehicles (EVs) eligible for a zero emissions incentive so they can earn an extra US$1 on every Uber trip (up to $4,000 annually).

The partnership is part of Uber’s commitment to becoming a zero-emission platform in the U.S. and Canada by 2030.