Cybersecurity in Automotive

Today, organizations are plagued by cyberattacks that are advanced, persistent, and which can wreck both operations and reputation of companies, including automotive. Companies manage an array of assets, including infrastructure, applications, managed and unmanaged endpoints, mobile devices, and cloud services, all of which can be attacked. Just Auto cybersecurity dashboards tracks data and information on cybersecurity in automotive.

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Cybersecurity Driven Innovation in the Automotive Sector

To best track the emergence and use of cybersecurity in just auto, Just Auto tracks patents filings and grants as well as companies that hold most patents in the field of cybersecurity.

Number of patents in Cybersecurity in the Automotive Sector: Past 20 years

Cybersecurity patents tracker in the automotive sector monitors the patents filings and grants over the past two decades.

Top holders of patents in Cybersecurity in the Automotive Sector: Past 20 years

Just Auto patent ownership data monitors the companies that hold most cybersecurity patents in the sector.

Number of Cybersecurity Mentions in Filings in the Automotive Sector: 2016-2021

Just Auto tracks thousands of companies and their annual and quarterly filings. Our analysis tracks the mention of cybersecurity in those filings over the past five years.

Cybersecurity Versus Top 5 Themes in Automotive

Just Auto compares cybersecurity mentions in filings versus mentions of other technology themes in filings data over the past five years.

Top 10 Companies with Cybersecurity Mentions in Filings

Just Auto tracks which automotive companies mention cybersecurity in filings most over the past five years.

Cybersecurity Jobs Insights in the Automotive Sector

Just Auto monitors live automotive company jobs postings mentioning cybersecurity or those requiring similar technology skills.

Cybersecurity Job Trends in the Automotive Sector

Jobs postings by automotive companies mentioning cybersecurity over the recent past. Cybersecurity jobs tracker in the automotive sector looks at jobs posted, closed and active in the sector.

Most Active Automotive Companies with Cybersecurity Jobs

Just Auto’s automotive jobs tracker lists automotive companies with most cybersecurity jobs posted in the recent past.

Cybersecurity Influencer Activity in the Automotive Sector

Just Auto tracks the mentions of cybersecurity by pre-identified automotive sector influencer on Twitter. The graph indicates the volume of tweets and influencers mentioning cybersecurity through recent months.