Brownsburg Electronik is a Canadian-based manufacturer of transformers and inductors, serving customers across the world.

Featuring a skilled workforce of over 100 employees, Brownsburg uses the latest technology to produce high-quality custom products in its specialised 40,000ft2 manufacturing facility. The company’s range of electronic transformers and inductors are suitable for motor, power, and audio applications, as well as medical devices and more.

All of Brownsburg’s products are CSA-approved and UL-recognised and its range of international transformers carry the CE mark. With more than two decades of experience, Brownsburg provides excellent customer satisfaction and innovative magnetic solutions.

Magnetic and electronic transformers

Brownsburg produces many types of transformers, including communication, power, control, and audio transformers, as well as lighting, medical, class II, and more. For customers requiring specific quantities or qualities of transformers, Brownsburg is able to customise its products to meet any special requirements.

Various VA power transformers are available in a range of VA sizes to suit many different applications. All models are insulated according to class A-H standards, depending on the model or customer specifications, meaning they can safely operate at high temperatures. Most models also feature a split bobbin design as standard and use single or dual primary voltages. Secondary winding in many different configurations can also be adjusted according to customer requirements. The transformers can be configured with additional primary and secondary voltages, making them adaptable and suitable for a variety of different applications. Specific models also feature an eight-inch-long lead wire, allowing the transformers to be used in a range of motor applications and providing customers with greater flexibility.

Brownsburg also manufactures a line of electronic transformers for 12V halogen lamps. Three different models are available, with varying load ranges, line currents, line voltages, and sizes to suit a variety of applications. Featuring resettable short circuits, and overheating and overload protection, these transformers are safe and reliable while also protected against line voltage transients or surges. The transformers are also equipped with leading-edge phase cut dimmers and eight-inch input and output wires to easily connect them to other components. Weatherproof potting and PBT casing UL94V0 help to protect the transformers from harsh conditions, making them durable and long-lasting. They are also compliant with standards: ETH 75.702, ETH 75.902: UL1012, and ETH 75.602: UL1310 for safety, as well as FCC Part 18 for RFI.

Magnetic inductors

Brownsburg produces several types of magnetic inductors to suit a variety of different applications. These include DC reactor, air core, and hash choke inductors, along with air core and three-phase inductors. For more specialised uses, Brownsburg can customise its inductors to suit different clients’ specifications on request.

All of Brownsburg’s air core inductors feature an excellent Q factor, making them very efficient and adaptable for different situations. They can operate at ambient temperatures of -40°C to +125°C and are RoHS compliant. To allow for quicker use, machine-ready reel packaging is also available upon request. The shape, size, inductance values, and current handling abilities can all be adjusted according to customer specifications, and both standard and custom shape inductors are available.

Brownburg’s range of DC inductors all have a tolerance of ±15% for inductance and resistance, with inductance being measured while the rated DC current is flowing. Available with class A-H standard insulation systems, the DC inductors are suitable for use in many different situations and are all CSA-approved. For greater customisation, metal covers or a more economical open-type design are both available. The DC inductors can also be adjusted according to any specific requests from clients.

Custom transformers and inductors

Brownsburg’s facilities house top-of-the-line machinery, such as versatile winding equipment, to create a range of products that can be tailored to suit all customer specifications and requirements. For alternative or more specific requests, varying quantities can be accounted for to cater to orders of any size or standard. Adaptable machines designed specifically for larger items also mean that the company can produce components of varying sizes for use in small or large-scale projects. The company uses advanced core welding equipment and the latest technological innovations from across the industry to create quality products that are designed to last. In addition, Brownsburg also uses computer-aided design and simulation technology to create modern transformers and inductors that are ready for the future.

Alongside the machines, an assembly line of highly skilled employees carries out careful precision work to ensure that even the smallest details in the transformers and inductors are completed to the highest of standards. The company’s qualified engineering department can work to any specifications to create solutions for a variety of needs. The combination of highly trained workers and advanced equipment allows Brownsburg to provide customers with durable and effective products that are reliable and effective.

Before delivery, all products are thoroughly checked and tested using computer-assisted BEI testing equipment to ensure the highest levels of quality and to ensure that all products meet industry regulations.