Intriguing news today that Fiat-Chrysler could establish global HQ in the Netherlands. Well, Mitsubishi, once closely linked with Chrysler, has European HQ and a plant there, so why not? It also rang a bell with Historian, here. Didja know Chrysler once built cars – including Simca and even Saab – in Rotterdam?

It may be slow-news silly season but Saab has kept us entertained all week – again – the latest being more on financing and a spat over how much the parent company chairman is getting paid. Meanwhile debt mounts and the vultures circle. And they won’t be at Frankfurt which is hardly going to reassure dealers, loyal customers and loyal staff.

Ford’s put up another whirligig above its Dagenham centre (see ’em from the Eurostar train when you’re passing) and is back on full wind power there. Honda has announced a new ‘subcompact’ plant for Mexico, suggesting the Fit will be made there instead of Japan, in light of earlier comments about exports and Japan production at sub-JPY80bn dollars.

With Frankenfurt looming, the odd new product announcment was to be expected. Jaguar looks like lifting the lid on an E-type replacement and Lexus rolled out a new GS.

Have a nice weekend.

Graeme Roberts, Deputy Editor,