We held our first seminar this week and, if you missed the one at the motorcycle museum in Solihull, we’d love to see you at the second event planned for November in Swindon (as in Honda UK manufacturing, home of).

We’ve several reports from the seminar here, here and here, and you might like to join our next webinar on 30 October, too.

A major recall was announced this week – one of the industry’s biggest – and it was Toyota again, this time with master power window switches. As one industry commentator noted, it’s all very well having commonality across parts like this but, when it goes wrong, you’ve got 7.5m cars to recall and check worldwide in this case. I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when a certain Mr Toyoda was informed of this latest snafu…

And, just to keep things in balance, Honda announced a similar problem affecting about a half million vehicles.

We’ve also been interviewing some industry heavy hitters including the R&D chief at Porsche (here, here and here), BWI’s global technology manager, GM Europe’s new head of engineering and Kia UK boss Paul Philpott.

Meanwhile, that territorial spat between China and Japan continues to affect that country’s automotive JVs in China with two, in particular, hit hard in September but not everyone is complaining, Peugeot, for one, saw a boost in its sales as a result.

Have a nice weekend.

Graeme Roberts, Deputy Editor, just-auto.com