Proving he can still pack ’em in, one Robert Lutz’s interview with editor Dave Leggett was far and away the most-read article on just-auto this week.

If you missed it, grab a coffee and have a read for the usual pithy comments on car design, why the Detroit Three tanked, the UAW and so on. It’s good stuff and said without the restraints that would undoubtedly apply if the interviewee wasn’t ‘retired’.

Elsewhere, the Saab saga has been on again as some suppliers apparently got paid, sparking a bit of niggle, and unions fretted over future payments to members.

At GM, we learned that a range-extender Caddy coupe might be back on the agenda and Orlando moved to Canada. Which, as many Canadian ‘snowbirds’ head the other way as soon as winter’s chill starts to be felt, is probably fair enough.

CEO Akerson finally appeared to have doused Opel sale rumours, to union relief, and we learned that the various suits carving up the remains of ‘old GM’ want about US$125m in fees.

Some things don’t change, do they?

Have a nice weekend.

Graeme Roberts, Deputy Editor,