Kudos to Jaguar and its 2012 XF range headlight unit supplier for coming up with a solution to a problem currently being mentioned on some auto consumer forums – the new European Union-mandated daylight running lamps (DRLs), the bright LED versions in particular, can make flashing direction indicators in the same cluster harder to see under some conditions.

Solution: when the direction flasher comes on, the DRL on that side dims.

A Jaguar spokeswoman confirmed the idea was to ensure the indicator could always be clearly seen in daylight conditions but was not sure it was an industry first: “I think Audi has it as well.”

It’s not the first notable ‘surprise and delight’ item Jaguar Land Rover people have come up with. Some years ago, they added a moulded-in hook to the centre console of, if memory serves, the Discovery SUV. The idea was to prevent your bag of shopping or takeaway from sliding around and spilling the contents.

JLR is based in the West Midlands, not far from Birmingham, the Balti capital of England so the appendage quickly became known colloquially as the ‘curry hook’.