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Stu Robarts

Stu is editor for Thematic Intelligence at GlobalData, overseeing news and features that cover the major themes affecting industries.

Industry takes: is Elon Musk a visionary disruptor or a loose cannon?

Industry voices weigh in on whether successes like Tesla and SpaceX or calamities like X are more representative of Musk.

How China’s EV battery tech is cementing it as the auto industry leader

China is already a dominant force in the EV industry, and its work on solid-state batteries will strengthen its position.

BT cabinet conversions unlikely to aid rapid EV charging growth UK needs

A scheme by the UK’s BT Group will see up to 60,000 near-end-of-life street telecoms cabinets repurposed as EV chargers.

COP28 podcast: max 1.5°C temperature rise limit now ‘not possible’

Andrew Griffiths, a director at Planet Mark, suggests that minimising and bringing back down overshoot should now become the priority.