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Wear protection coating – an industry riding the waves of change

Amid global instability, businesses are having to rethink their strategies and goals. The coating market is undergoing unprecedented technological and cultural development in order to keep up

Why tire sales are becoming ever more important for OEMs and dealerships

The rise of electric vehicles means oil changes and inspections are no longer the revenue generators they once were for dealerships. Will tires – which sell at a premium for electric vehicles and wear out up to 30% faster – play a key role in filling the revenue gap?

Wear protection coating – well maintained vacuum is key for best results

To assure the quality and therefore the functionality of PVD and CVD coatings, the equipment and process must be in stable condition. Since vacuum cannot be replaced, you want to ensure that no malfunctions occur. This way customers enjoy a longer durability for tools and decorative elements in the automotive sector, cosmetic industries and bathroom fittings

Wear protection coating – how vacuum can influence the output

PVD and CVD processes are used to deposit coatings on parts which will add required features, such as longer durability for tools, decorative elements either in automotive or cosmetic industries and bathroom fittings. To assure the quality and functionality of the coating the equipment and process must be in stable condition. For this vacuum is essential