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MPVs running on empty in the European market

The MPV/monospace segment used to be big in Europe. No longer…

The rush to secure battery supply chains is on

Automakers are beginning to realise that critical materials for future EV battery supply will be in high demand.

Battery gigafactories – the auto industry’s new battleground

Investment in gigafactories to make lithium-ion batteries for EVs is set to accelerate.

Global light vehicle sales plummet to a 14-month low as chip shortage bites

August was not a good month for the global vehicle market.

The automotive industry’s chips crisis in numbers

The auto industry’s chips crisis has worsened lately, with little hope of short-term respite.

Back to the future for car rental as VW eyes Europcar

Is VW closing in on a deal to buy back leading European car rental firm Europcar? It could turn out to be a smart move.

Semiconductors chip away at global light vehicle sales in June

Automotive market recovery from the worst of the pandemic is being held back by the global semicondictors shortage.

Passenger car CO2 emissions back on track in Europe

Vehicle makers in Europe have flooded the recovering market with EVs, bringing average CO2/km numbers down and also avoiding fines.

May’s global vehicle sales – ‘one-step forward, two-steps back’

Analysis of May’s light vehicle markets shows recovery continued, but it is fragile and coming off a very low base.

West Europe forecast downgraded, but US market is resurgent

How’s the global vehicle market recovery looking? We have analysed the latest market numbers and reviewed our forecasts.