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VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid

At 2,350kg, it's easily the weightiest variant of the newly facelifted range. Somehow, though, the PHEV Cayenne is Porsche's most officially...

COMMENT: Why is Tesla's share price falling?

Why is Tesla's share price falling? It's a question that many are asking. Does the share price signal that Tesla is a busted flush? Far from...

Review of 2014 (1)

It's still 2014, but not for much longer. In the global automotive business, plenty happened in 2014. Seasoned observer Dave Leggett offers...

ANALYSIS: Future models for North America - Part 1

The NAIAS in mid-January will mark the official start to the next wave of vehicle launches in the US. So what are the major OEMs readying fo...

Latest Interviews

INTERVIEW: Alain Uyttenhoven, Head of Lexus Europe 24 Nov 2014

Glenn Brooks

Russia, Lexus' number one market in its European region, might be down, but UK sales are up strongly. On balance then, 2014 has been a good year, according to the brand's Head of Europe. Next, he promises more hybrids but no diesels. Why?

INTERVIEW: Dr Sae-Hoon Kim, Hyundai fuel cell R&D 5 Nov 2014

Roger Stansfield

The Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster which followed the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in 2011 might inadvertently provide a foot in the door for sales of hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles to take off, believes the man in charge of Hyundai-Kia's FCEV research and development, Dr Sae-Hoon Kim.

Latest News

Kongsberg wins OEM on board charger deal 30 Jan 15

Graeme Roberts

Kongsberg Automotive has announced a contract with a global manufacturer of premium passenger cars for the supply of on board chargers (OBC) for a next generation of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

GENEVA DEBUTS: Opel Corsa OPC & VW Golf GTD estate 29 Jan 15

Glenn Brooks

The media preview days of the 2015 Geneva motor show are Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 March. Here follows the latest list of vehicle and concept world premieres.

CHICAGO DEBUTS: Kia concept 28 Jan 15

Glenn Brooks

American Honda and MMNA are the first OEMs to have announced world premieres for the 2015 Chicago auto show. Concepts and models will continue to be added to this list.

EV share of China market to rise over 10% in 2020s 26 Jan 15

Dave Leggett

The survey said that electrified vehicles are expected to account for at least 11% of all new vehicles sold in China in the next decade on the back of growing environmental awareness and stricter regulations.

Volkswagen, BMW, to set up US EV charging stations 26 Jan 15

Graeme Roberts

Volkswagen and BMW have teamed up to set up around 100 EV charging stations along the west and east coasts of the US.

Bosch and BMW form used batteries alliance 22 Jan 15

Dave Leggett

Bosch, BMW Group, and Vattenfal are to work together on a project to recycle used electric vehicle batteries for energy storage use that it is claimed can help to keep the power grid stable.

Latest blogs

EVs' dark side: Two sides of the coin for electric vehicles 23 Dec 14

Dave Leggett

There's a useful reminder in a recent study of the two sides of the coin that come with 'zero-emission vehicles'.

Four years with a Voltwagen 2 Dec 14

Graeme Roberts

This is one of the more interesting long-term tests I've read in a while as a former sell-side analyst turned technology and auto reviewer in the US reports on four years of life with General Motors' Chevrolet Volt - aka the Opel/Vauxhall Ampera.

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