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If you like being looked at, you will love the i8. It turns the heads of seemingly everyone who sees you on the road, and even more so in ca...

COMMENT: Tesla's Musk talks a good game

The site for Tesla's big battery factory has been announced....

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Volkswagen e-Golf

Will the new plug-in Golf fry the Focus Electric and mulch the Leaf? It’s certainly good enough to become the sales leader in its class....

PLDB: Future Models - what's new this month

July has been a busy month for news updates on many future EV, hybrid, PHEV and fuel cell vehicle programmes, with some especially interesti...

Latest Interviews

INTERVIEW: Tesla UK country manager Georg Ell 31 Jul 2014

Glenn Brooks

With a background in IT and start-ups, Georg Ell isn't your typical car company boss. But he seems a perfect fit in his role as UK and Ireland country manager for Tesla Motors.

Qualcomm and wireless charging 21 May 2014

Guest author

Qualcomm is a specialist in 3G, 4G and next generation wireless technologies. The company has developed a pair of wireless charging solutions - one for portable electronics and another for electric vehicles. Ian Adcock heard more from Qualcomm's VP Business Development & Marketing, Dr Anthony Thomson.

Latest News

Nissan begins testing commercial EV in HK 30 Sep 14

Dave Leggett

Nissan Motor is testing its e-NV200 LCV in Hong Kong, with an eye on future sales for the vehicle in Asia.

Benecke-Kaliko to start second China plant 30 Sep 14

Simon Warburton

Automotive interior surface material supplier, Benecke-Kaliko, says it will lay the foundation stone for the company's second plant in China before the end of this autumn

Germany to offer free EV parking incentives 29 Sep 14

Chris Wright

German government ministers have backed a bill that would enable cities to offer electric vehicle drivers free parking and the right to use bus lanes from next year in a bid to increase demand.

Volkswagen to show Passat PHEV in Paris 29 Sep 14

Graeme Roberts

The Passat GTE - making its global debut at the Paris show later this week - is the first plug-in Volkswagen hybrid offered in saloon and estate body style. It follows the earlier launch of the Golf GTE hatchback (and the battery-only e-Golf).

PARIS DEBUTS: Honda Civic Type R & VW Passat GTE 29 Sep 14

Glenn Brooks

The media preview days of the 2014 Paris Mondial de l'Automobile will be 2 & 3 October. The following list continues to be updated as manufacturers announce world premieres.

33% of London EV charging points 'down' 29 Sep 14

Graeme Roberts

The Source London electric vehicle public charging network reportedly has flagged nearly a third of its charging point locations as temporarily unavailable.

Latest blogs

Tesla Model S reliability 31 Jul 14

Glenn Brooks

With RHD Tesla cars only going on sale in the UK in recent weeks, it's way too early to be talking about the ownership experience. But in the US, it's a different story.

Toyota i-Road leaning car - the video 30 Jun 14

Glenn Brooks

TMC continues to promote Japan's Ha-Mo car sharing scheme via its own i-Road commuter model. The latest promotional video is worth a look.

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