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Latest Insights

Briefing: developments in powertrain batteries

Battery technologies for powertrain applications have become a focus of attention as OEMs seek to improve performance and reduce the costs o...

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: MY2015 Range Rover Hybrid

It’s 120kg heavier than its equivalent SDV6 variants, yet averages 30+mpg in the real world with 26% fewer emissions of CO2. It will glide i...

Briefing: 48V mild hybrids (3)

Moving to a 48V architecture in hybrid and electric vehicles offers plenty of promise. It provides about four times the energy recuperation...

COMMENT: Apple weighs a BIG decision

Apple is a very, very powerful brand. It is also a very, very big company with a market capitalisation of over $700bn ($740bn when I just ch...

Latest Interviews

INTERVIEW: Carl Bayliss, head of Infiniti UK 5 Feb 2015

Glenn Brooks

Carl Bayliss recently returned to his homeland after a decade in Hong Kong. He is the new country manager for Infiniti UK, responsible for all business activities including Sales, Marketing and Network Development.

INTERVIEW: Alain Uyttenhoven, Head of Lexus Europe 24 Nov 2014

Glenn Brooks

Russia, Lexus' number one market in its European region, might be down, but UK sales are up strongly. On balance then, 2014 has been a good year, according to the brand's Head of Europe. Next, he promises more hybrids but no diesels. Why?

Latest News

Korean plug-in market set for growth 22 May 15

Dave Leggett

Reports in the Korean media say that the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and electric car market is set for a growth spurt amid prospects for new government incentives and product introductions.

Toyota claims R&D breathrough for fuel cell stacks 19 May 15

Dave Leggett

Toyota claims that a breakthrough in the real-time observation of fuel cell catalyst degradation could lead to a new generation of more efficient and durable fuel cell stacks.

BAIC to launch plug-in hybrid vehicle 19 May 15

Tony Pugliese

China's BAIC Motor is preparing to launch a plug-in hybrid vehicle in the near future, according to local reports.

Samsung SDI opens SDI Battery Systems in Graz 13 May 15

Simon Warburton

Samsung SDI has held the opening ceremony to start operations of Samsung SDI Battery Systems (SDIBS) in Graz, Austria.

US: Tesla Model 3 to debut in March 2016 7 May 15

Glenn Brooks

Tesla Motors' chief executive Elon Musk has announced "March 2016" as the date when the firm's highly anticipated Model 3 will be revealed.

Tesla acquires Michigan-based parts supplier 7 May 15

Dave Leggett

Tesla Motors has reportedly agreed to buy a Michigan-based parts maker, Riviera Tool. The acquisition is seen as a significant 'first' for Tesla.

Latest blogs

Watch the Toyota Mirai being made 24 Feb 15

Glenn Brooks

Here's a chance to see details of Toyota's Mirai fuel cell car being manufactured at its Motomachi plant in Japan.

EVs' dark side: Two sides of the coin for electric vehicles 23 Dec 14

Dave Leggett

There's a useful reminder in a recent study of the two sides of the coin that come with 'zero-emission vehicles'.

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