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Local authority to build hydrogen infrastructure?

As car companies start to ramp up low volume production of fuel cell vehicles the major stumbling block globally is a hydrogen refuelling in...

COMMENT - Make or break ahead for Tesla

Tesla unveiled its Model 3 last week and it’s already clear that the model is going to be of great significance to both Tesla Motors and the...

Briefing: Geneva Show preview

Europe's first big motor show of 2016 is about to get underway. Small crossovers from Toyota and the Volkswagen Group, plus Renault's attemp...

Environment drives growth in EV sales in Asia

Rising air pollution in major cities across Asia has forced local governments to impose restrictions on the sale and circulation of vehicles...

Latest Interviews

GKN on maintaining AWD leadership and GenII eAxles 7 Dec 2015

Calum MacRae

GKN Driveline’s new CEO, Phil Swash, talked with just-auto’s Calum MacRae to discuss the challenges of maintaining leadership in the AWD business and the potential opportunities the VW scandal presents to the automotive industry. Here’s the second part of that interview.

GKN Driveline CEO on maintaining AWD leadership 30 Nov 2015

Calum MacRae

GKN Driveline’s new CEO, Phil Swash, talked with just-auto’s Calum MacRae to discuss the challenges of maintaining leadership in the AWD business and the potential opportunities the VW scandal presents to the automotive industry. Here’s the first part of that interview.

Latest News

BMW launches 'big battery' i3 EV 3 May 16

Graeme Roberts

BMW has revamped its i3 with the introduction of a more powerful, 94Ah battery for both the i3 and the i3 Range Extender versions.

Hyperdrive wins GBP3m for battery improvements 3 May 16

Simon Warburton

Lithium-ion technology developer, Hyperdrive Innovation has secured a cash injection of GBP3.2m (US$4.7m) from venture capital firms Hamilton Capital Partners and Rivers Capital, alongside R&D grant funding from Innovate UK and the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC).

PARC teams with Ford for EV battery project 3 May 16

Simon Warburton

Xerox company, PARC, has unveiled its ‘Co-Extrusion (CoEx) for Cost Reduction of Advanced High-Energy-and-Power Battery Electrode Manufacturing’ project funded by the US DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE).

ZF forms e-mobility unit with China focus 29 Apr 16

Dave Leggett

ZF says it is bundling activities which will shape the future of e-mobility into its new ‘E-Mobility Division’ which will be focused on market opportunities in China.

German government incentivises electric car sales 28 Apr 16

Chris Wright

The German government has reached a deal with carmakers to jointly spend EUR1.2bn (US$1.4bn) on incentives to boost electric car sales.

Honda to expand Clarity line to BEV, PHEV 21 Apr 16

Graeme Roberts

Honda has announced it will expand its next Clarity model line to three variants from a single fuel cell model. The Clarity Electric and Plug-in Hybrid will both launch in the US in 2017.

Volvo Cars aims to sell 1m electrified cars by 202 21 Apr 16

Dave Leggett

Volvo Cars has announced that it aims to sell a total of up to one million electrified cars by 2025. It says the planned cumulative total can be met by offering at least two hybrid versions of every model in its range and releasing the first all-electric car in 2019.

Mahindra launches e2o electric car in UK 19 Apr 16

Dave Leggett

Mahindra has launched its e2o REVA successor small electric city car in the UK.

GKN supplies Volvo S90 eAxle 18 Apr 16

Graeme Roberts

GKN Automotive is again supplying Geely's Volvo Cars with an eAxle system for a plug-in hybrid.

Delphi unveils 48V mild hybrid system 13 Apr 16

Dave Leggett

Delphi has unveiled its 48-volt vehicle solution which it says could prove pivotal for automakers in meeting future emission regulations without sacrificing performance for customers.

Chinese gaming firm plans electric crossover 13 Apr 16

Dave Leggett

Major Chinese gaming company Youzu Interactive plans to partner with an electric vehicle maker to produce a sport utility vehicle for sale in 2018 according to Bloomberg.

Tesla reservations for Model 3 surpass 325,000 7 Apr 16

Dave Leggett

Tesla Motors says that reservations for Model 3 have now surpassed 325,000, which corresponds to about US$14bn in implied future sales, making this – it says - the "single biggest one-week launch of any product ever".

Tesla cites its own ‘hubris’ behind slow Q1 sales 6 Apr 16

Dave Leggett

Among the factors cited by Tesla as causes behind slow sales of the Model X in the first quarter are the company’s own "hubris in adding far too much new technology to the Model X in version 1".

Kia extends Total lubricants partnership to Europe 4 Apr 16

Graeme Roberts

Kia Motors and Total Lubrifiants have renewed their partnership agreement for another five years with Total remaining Kia's "preferred" aftermarket lubricants supplier exclusively across a network of 5,500 dealers in 180 countries - including west European markets from 1 January, 2017.

Tesla unveils higher volume Model 3 1 Apr 16

Dave Leggett

Tesla Motors has unveiled its Model 3 electric car and started taking orders for the car, which comes with a lower price tag than previous models and is planned to reach much higher volumes.

Renault to sell Twizy EV in Canada 18 Mar 16

Graeme Roberts

The Twizy, Renault’s all-electric quadricyle EV, has been certified by Transport Canada, and is now set for release in a new market.

GKN brings PHEV to C-segment 14 Mar 16

Graeme Roberts

GKN Driveline said it was transferring hybrid technology from super sports cars into affordable compact vehicles, having developed an eAxle module that will enable C-segment vehicles to offer buyers a plug-in hybrid option with improved performance and a reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 50%.

Renault signs LoI for Utrecht smart solar charging 14 Mar 16

Graeme Roberts

Renault and Dutch partners Utrecht City Council, ElaadNL and LomboXnet have signed a letter of intent to develop a Franco-Dutch framework of smart solar charging points for electric vehicles.

BYD launches electric coach 14 Mar 16

Graeme Roberts

BYD has launched an electric coach, developed using its pure electric bus expertise, and currently under homologation testing prior to its introduction in Europe. Paris was chosen for a preview appearance thanks to a drive by the city’s mayor to reduce pollution from such vehicles.

Volvo wants standardised EV charging 9 Mar 16

Graeme Roberts

Geely's Volvo Cars believes the global automotive industry should strive towards the introduction of a standardised charging infrastructure for electric cars.

Latest blogs

Servicing a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle 19 Apr 16

Graeme Roberts

According to Toyota GB, the first Mirai in the UK to be booked in for a routine service gave technicians at a north west London dealership the opportunity to put their specialist hydrogen fuel cell training into practice.

Tesla charms again 6 Apr 16

Dave Leggett

I just looked at Tesla Motors stock price and it’s been moving up since February.

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