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Latest Insights

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Volkswagen e-Golf

Will the new plug-in Golf fry the Focus Electric and mulch the Leaf? It’s certainly good enough to become the sales leader in its class....

PLDB: Future Models - what's new this month

July has been a busy month for news updates on many future EV, hybrid, PHEV and fuel cell vehicle programmes, with some especially interesti...

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Driving the Swedish nanny state

Been lying awake at night wondering how plug-in cars are doing in Europe? Me, neither, but, having now evaluated a few - Vauxhall Ampera [ak...

COMMENT: Electric avenue fires Formula E to life

Michelin's quite fond of using the phrase "track to street" - it's a nifty way to neatly encapsulate what the tyre manufacturer is trying to...

Latest Interviews

INTERVIEW: Tesla UK country manager Georg Ell 31 Jul 2014

Glenn Brooks

With a background in IT and start-ups, Georg Ell isn't your typical car company boss. But he seems a perfect fit in his role as UK and Ireland country manager for Tesla Motors.

Qualcomm and wireless charging 21 May 2014

Guest author

Qualcomm is a specialist in 3G, 4G and next generation wireless technologies. The company has developed a pair of wireless charging solutions - one for portable electronics and another for electric vehicles. Ian Adcock heard more from Qualcomm's VP Business Development & Marketing, Dr Anthony Thomson.

Latest News

Tesla to partner with China Unicom on charging 29 Aug 14

Dave Leggett

Tesla Motors has said that it will partner with Chinese cell phone carrier Unicom to build charging outlets across the country.

BYD-Daimler JV readies Denza EV for production 27 Aug 14

Dave Leggett

In an attempt to revive falling automotive sales, BYD has unveiled a new electric vehicle - Denza - developed in collaboration with Daimler with series production at the JV about to start.

Tesla opens new service centre in Antwerp 21 Aug 14

Dave Leggett

Tesla has a new service centre with showroom in Antwerp, its third location in Belgium.

NEVS shows 9-3 EV prototype 20 Aug 14

Dave Leggett

NEVS has presented a Saab 9-3 Electric Vehicle designed and produced as part of a prototype series in Trollhättan.

Samsung battery plant targets China EV boom 19 Aug 14

Chris Wright

Construction has started on China's largest production base for vehicle batteries, a US$600m investment in the Xi'an Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone led by Samsung of South Korea.

Samsung SDI creates joint venture with Sungrow 19 Aug 14

Simon Warburton

Samsung SDI says it has signed a MOU on the establishment of a ESS (energy storage system) joint venture with Sungrow of China.

Latest blogs

Tesla Model S reliability 31 Jul 14

Glenn Brooks

With RHD Tesla cars only going on sale in the UK in recent weeks, it's way too early to be talking about the ownership experience. But in the US, it's a different story.

Toyota i-Road leaning car - the video 30 Jun 14

Glenn Brooks

TMC continues to promote Japan's Ha-Mo car sharing scheme via its own i-Road commuter model. The latest promotional video is worth a look.

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