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'Impetus' and aftermarket strategies for OEMs

Impetus Automotive works with OEMs to improve performance and grow business within retail dealerships. Their focus is developing aftersales...

Williams CEO eyes consultancy business expansion

Mike O'Driscoll, Group CEO of Williams, leads a brand that is well known for its motorsports activity and Formula One participation. However...

Briefing: Vehicle connectivity technologies (1)

The wave of advanced vehicle connectivity technologies coming to vehicles embrace a number of interlinked elements, from seamless personal c...

GKN's eAxle all-wheel-drive technology

Interview with Rob Rickell, Senior Vice President Global Engineering, Principal Engineer, GKN plc. GKN has just publicised its involvement w...

Q&A: Intelligent Energy on how FCEVs could reach the masses 16 Jun 2015

Matthew Beecham

The hydrogen fuel cell sector has caught the automotive limelight recently, notably Toyota's announcement of making thousands of hydrogen fuel cell patents available on a royalty free basis. Does this mean affordable fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs) could be on our driveways anytime soon? Matthew Beecham talked to James Batchelor of independent fuel cell specialist Intelligent Energy about the obstacles still to be overcome.

Q&A: DSM on the opportunities for under-the-hood plastic applications 8 Jun 2015

Matthew Beecham

DSM Engineering Plastics is a global supplier of high-performance engineering thermoplastic solutions. In this interview, Matthew Beecham talked to Bert Havenith, Strategy and Intelligence Manager at DSM Engineering Plastics about the market and technical forces driving the switch from metal to plastic under-the-hood applications.

Q&A: ZF’s suspension research director on next generation technologies and the autonomous car 4 Jun 2015

Matthew Beecham

Continuing just-auto's series of interviews with tier one manufacturers, Matthew Beecham talked to Alexander Groß, Director Chassis Technology, Head of R&D Business Unit Suspension Technology, ZF Friedrichshafen AG about future suspension technologies and the ways in which its newly-merged operation with TRW can support autonomous driving.

Q&A: Lear’s VP Global Seat Engineering on reinventing seat geometry for the autonomous car 2 Jun 2015

Matthew Beecham

Continuing just-auto's series of interviews with tier one component manufacturers, Matthew Beecham talked to David Kazyak, Vice President, Global Seat Engineering, Lear Corporation about the use of alternative and advanced materials in seats, breathable fabric surfaces, carbon fibre seat frames as well as seating for the autonomous car.

Libertine FPE on how to make a gallon of fuel go 30 percent further 19 May 2015

Matthew Beecham

A new technology called Digital Piston Motion Control eliminates the crankshaft of a conventional engine and controls the piston movement using an ECU. To understand more about this novel approach and its potential benefits, Matthew Beecham spoke to Sam Cockerill, CEO of Libertine FPE.

Lear Corp VP Bill Presley on designing wire harnesses in a virtual world 5 May 2015

Matthew Beecham

Continuing just-auto's series of interviews with tier one manufacturers, Matthew Beecham spoke to Bill Presley, Vice President Engineering, Wire/Terminals & Connectors, Lear Corp about the forces pushing innovation in the automotive wiring harness industry as well as some alternatives to traditional wiring.

Magna Electronics VP Olaf Bongwald eyes blossoming camera market 29 Apr 2015

Matthew Beecham

Continuing just-auto's series of interview with tier one component manufacturers, Matthew Beecham spoke to Olaf Bongwald, VP, Magna Electronics about rear view cameras, video cameras, mirrorless cars and the head-up display market.

Q&A with TMD Friction 8 Apr 2015

Matthew Beecham

TMD Friction is a major manufacturer of brake products for the automotive industry, producing one million brake friction products per day. Matthew Beecham talked with TMD Friction’s Director Strategic Planning & Marketing OE, Dirk Brieke about trends in the brake friction market, its copper-free high performance brake pads and CV-Light Plate for commercial vehicles.

Q&A with Convergent Science: CFD in vehicle development 7 Apr 2015

Matthew Beecham

The rise of computer processing power together with the introduction of so called ‘supercomputers’ have enabled computational fluid dynamics (CFD) - the prediction of fluid flows using mathematical modelling - to become increasingly relevant and effective in road vehicle development. Matthew Beecham spoke to Rob Kaczmarek, director of marketing at Convergent Science about the role of CFD in vehicle development.

Q&A with Victrex, a global high-performance polymer solutions provider 23 Mar 2015

Matthew Beecham

Victrex plc is a UK-headquartered, global high-performance polymer solutions provider. Matthew Beecham spoke to Stephen Dougherty, Strategic Marketing Director, Victrex Polymer Solutions about its automotive business, applications and some misconceptions about the use of certain materials in vehicle manufacture.

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