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Liquid Copper arguably the best colour and worth the £670

Driving the new Q30, and Infiniti future models

It's been a long time coming but finally European car buyers are becoming aware of Infiniti. The Q30 is the reason why brand sales were up b...

US regulators, aka NHTSA, want GM to recall another 4.3m Takata inflator-equipped vehicles

Recalls redux - the week that was

The auto industry's current roster of infamous, recall-related scandals remained in the just-auto news this week as further revelations unfo...

S8 plus costs from £96,825+£1,570 OTR costs, does 0-62mph in 3.8 seconds, has top speed of 155mph or optional ungoverned to 189mph, CO2 average is 231g/km

Audi S8 plus - if 585PS just isn’t enough power

Are there really people who think the 585PS 4.0-litre biturbo V8 S8 is too slow? It seems so, as Audi now sells a 605PS plus variant which a...

The automotive industry in Asia is busy weighing up the implications of last month's decision by the UK to leave the EU - whether the outcome of the referendum represents an opportunity for their businesses or in fact a threat. The impact so far in terms of currency fluctuations has been significant

Brexit could lift UK auto production – Asian view

The automotive industry in Asia is busy weighing up the implications of last month’s decision by the UK to leave the EU - whether the outcom...

'Thanks buddy.' A co-bot helps out on the Ford Fiesta line at Cologne

Rise of the manufacturing ‘bots - Comment

Thoughts this week are with the clever technology that is gradually changing the world of manufacturing....

Less subtle than a Range Rover but that's intentional: what Lincoln needs most is brand visibility

Ford and Lincoln future models into the 2020s

In the final part of just-auto's in-depth look at Ford Motor Company's future models and architectures, the spotlight is on the firm's high...

Mazda changes pickup truck alliance - the week 15 Jul 16

Biggest story of this week, as far as you lot were concerned, the announcement Mazda is to end a long-standing alliance with Ford on 'medium' pickup trucks and hitch up with Isuzu instead.

New biturbo 3.0 for 911 - best Porsche engine yet? 13 Jul 16

Porsche’s worldwide sales were up by just three percent in the first half of 2016 but the 911 is doing better than that, deliveries rising by 10 percent. That’s thanks to the release of a model which has had so many changes in mid-life that it even gains a new project code: 991.2, as opposed to 991 for the series which first appeared in late 2011.

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Auto business confidence hit but holding up

Dave Leggett | 26 Jul 16 The full consequences of Brexit for the global auto industry are expected to take a number of years to be understood

A global survey of professionals across four industries – including automotive – shows that global auto industry confidence is holding up, despite some reduction in business optimism following the UK referendum vote to leave the EU last month (so-called ‘Brexit’).

Nissan Kicks making world debut in Olympics Brazil

Fernando Calmon | 26 Jul 16 Roofline and C-pillar styling are reminiscent of JLR's smash hit Range Rover Evoque

Nissan has really needed something different to boost its sales in Brazil where it both imports or manufactures locally the vehicles it sells.

FCA US to spend $1.5bn at Sterling Heights

Graeme Roberts | 26 Jul 16 Production of the Chrysler 200 will end in December 2016 so FCA can 'begin the 'transformation of the plant' to build the next Ram 1500 truck line. Future plans for Warren Truck Assembly, which builds the current 1500 line, will be announced later

FCA US said it would spend US$1.48bn at its Sterling Heights Assembly Plant in Michigan to retool for the redesigned Ram 1500 pickup truck "and support the future growth of the Ram brand".

Recent News - (Updated: 6:07pm 26 Jul 2016)

ZF TRW mulls 1-100m parts failure rate

Hyundai Motor sees H1 profit and sales volume drop

Europe first half new car sales highest since 2008

Faurecia H1 operating income up 28% to EUR490m

Nissan US adds XD and Single Cab to Titan line

Gentex records Q2 net sales up 12% to EU$424m

Hyundai Motor establishes new project IONIQ lab

Valeo records H1 net income up 23% to EUR422m

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Convergent Science on combustion modelling trends – Q&A 5 Jul 16

Matthew BeechamRob Kaczmarek

As automotive engineers push back the boundaries of combustion, an increasing number of studies are being carried out in the virtual world. The use of in-cylinder computational fluid dynamics (CFD) provides insight on what is happening as the combustion process takes place, shedding new light on everything from thermal efficiency to pollutant formation. Software developer Convergent Science was formed in 1997 by a group of combustion specialists. The company’s Converge CFD code has been developed with combustion simulation in mind. Convergent Science’s director of global marketing, Rob Kaczmarek, gives us his take on what the future holds for combustion modelling.

Engine downsizing has peaked say Federal Mogul 4 Jul 16

Calum MacRaeGian Maria Olivetti, Federal Mogul Powertrain's CTO

In a wide-ranging interview, as part of Federal Mogul Powertrain’s recent Technology Briefing days held in Augsburg, Germany just-auto’s Calum MacRae interviewed the division’s Chief Technology Office, Gian Maria Olivetti. Mr Olivetti has been with Federal Mogul since 2007. Before Federal Mogul he enjoyed stints at Fiat Powertrain Technologies and Iveco. 

SRG Global Inc VP on the active grille shutter market 4 Jul 16

Matthew BeechamDavid Dunford

SRG Global Inc, a subsidiary of Guardian Industries Corp, provides high value coatings on plastics for a number of applications, including automotive. It also makes active grille shutters which respond to the driving environment in order to reduce drag and improve fuel economy. SRG Global Inc’s vice president of engineering, tooling and advanced development, David Dunford explains its Integrille system and how the market for active grilles is developing worldwide.

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White nights and networking in St Petersburg

Simon Warburton, just-auto editorial team Simon Warburton | 22 Jun 16

So another St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) has flashed by in its usual white blur of back-to-back press conferences and some of the highest level networking I've ever seen.

New Normal becomes New Reality in BRIC parlance

Simon Warburton, just-auto editorial team Simon Warburton | 15 Jun 16

Russia or more specifically, St Petersburg, is hosting its 16th International Economic Forum here in its mighty second city and it's a continued show of defiance against a West, which is equally stubborn in its insistence of maintaining a frosty disapproval of The Kremlin's Crimea and possibly Eastern Ukraine involvement

Colossal China powers on

Simon Warburton, just-auto editorial team Simon Warburton | 8 Jun 16

I'm starting to get a small idea of the scale of things here in China, but really, I'm only scratching the surface of this vast country.

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UK to leave the EU - what might it mean?

UK to leave the EU - what might it mean?

The UK has voted in a national referendum to leave the EU. It’s a move that brings a range of uncertainties in areas such as trade. The automotive industry is at the heart of the possible effects.

China's 2016 Global Automotive Forum in Chongqing

China's 2016 Global Automotive Forum in Chongqing

'New normal', 'still room to grow', 'lead or be knocked out'. Just three takeaways from this year's GAF in the key Chinese auto- and parts-making city. We were there.

Explore PSA Peugeot Citroën's new business plan - 'Push to Pass'

Explore PSA Peugeot Citroën's new business plan - 'Push to Pass'

PSA Peugeot Citroën has presented a new five-year business plan that includes ambitious financial targets and plans for new models. just-auto was in Paris to hear more about the new strategic priorities for PSA Groupe.

Russian Automotive Forum - domestic suppliers take centre stage

Russian Automotive Forum - domestic suppliers take centre stage

As Russia endures severe economic challenges, with extremely low oil prices and international sanctions, local suppliers find themselves at a competitive advantage. The Russian Automotive Forum in Moscow provided a platform for their views and just-auto was there to report.

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Global electric light vehicles market - forecasts to 2031

Global electric light vehicles market - forecasts to 2031

This QUBE report from just-auto provides a comprehensive overview of the global electrified vehicles sector, major OEM developments, top 14 markets, technology trends and market projections. Use this report to gain a quick overview of the sector and to understand the size and scope of the world's key markets.. Read more

Published: July 2016 - ($2070.00)

Global light vehicle turbochargers market - forecasts to 2031

Published: July 2016 - ($1350.00)

Global light vehicle OE batteries market - forecasts to 2031

Published: July 2016 - ($1710.00)

LMC Automotive's European Passenger Car Production Estimates (annual subscription)

Published: June 2016 - ($900.00)

LMC Automotive's North American Light Vehicle Production Update (annual subscription)

Published: May 2016 - ($900.00)

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