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THE WEEK THAT WAS: Driving for fun...

I was at the SMMT's annual test day yesterday. At this agreeable event, vehicle manufacturers make cars available for journalists to drive a...

ANALYSIS: Autonomous cars and interior design

As the auto industry moves towards considering vehicles that require less driver input, profound questions are being raised concerning the s...

ANALYSIS: Will the XE work for Jaguar?

Can the XE finally establish Jaguar in the hottest sector of the premium car market? Ray Hutton considers the issues....

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Celerio and Suzuki's future cars

Don't let the vanilla styling make you overlook the importance of the Celerio hatchback for Suzuki in Europe. The days of this brand being a...

COMMENT: GM's new Camaro to join a surging segment

The new 2016 Camaro looks good, has a far better interior than the old shape model and promises better economy. But will it be good enough t...

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Dawn returns again...

We heard this week that Toyota and Mazda are interested in working together in the future. Toyota is obviously the bigger player, but Mazda...

COMMENT: UK election sets cat among Brussels pigeons 15 May 15

UK satirical magazine, Private Eye's cover this week has the strapline: "New poll shows Miliband ahead" and its ironic micky-take of just how wrong British forecasting services were will have been noted with some alarm across the English Channel in Brussels.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Ford Europe targets small fleets with Vignale 14 May 15

Ford says it is targeting small fleet buyers with its premium feel Vignale sub-brand for Europe which will debut with the Mondeo Vignale.

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UK car market has topped out - Vauxhall chief

Dave Leggett | 22 May 15

The UK car market continues to turn in high monthly numbers, but it is topping out according to Vauxhall MD Tim Tozer.

Bosch transport strategy: "Goes beyond the Hood"

Simon Warburton | 22 May 15

Bosch says it is evaluating in equal measure the impact of transportation needs as much as its technology on board future vehicles.

Automated cars slash human error: Bosch Mobility

Simon Warburton | 22 May 15

Bosch says adopting automated driving systems could help avoid most accidents as such technology increasingly occupies the thoughts of consumers and legislators.

Recent News - (Updated: 8:06pm 22 May 2015)

Perodua targets higher exports

Bosch looks to clean energy source for future cars

Korean plug-in market set for growth

VILLA d’ESTE DEBUTS LIST: BMW and Zagato-Maserati

FCA orders noise cancellation tech from Harman

Honda begins production of 2016 Pilot SUV

Daimler completes huge CAD software migration

Grupo Antolin sales increase 20.2% in Q1

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INTERVIEW: Williams CEO eyes consultancy business expansion 20 May 15

Guest author

Mike O'Driscoll, Group CEO of Williams, leads a brand that is well known for its motorsports activity and Formula One participation. However, the firm is now eyeing more consultancy business and looking further afield for opportunities. Ian Adcock caught up with him to hear more.

Libertine FPE on how to make a gallon of fuel go 30 percent further 19 May 15

Matthew Beecham

A new technology called Digital Piston Motion Control eliminates the crankshaft of a conventional engine and controls the piston movement using an ECU. To understand more about this novel approach and its potential benefits, Matthew Beecham spoke to Sam Cockerill, CEO of Libertine FPE.

Lear Corp VP Bill Presley on designing wire harnesses in a virtual world 5 May 15

Matthew Beecham

Continuing just-auto's series of interviews with tier one manufacturers, Matthew Beecham spoke to Bill Presley, Vice President Engineering, Wire/Terminals & Connectors, Lear Corp about the forces pushing innovation in the automotive wiring harness industry as well as some alternatives to traditional wiring.

Automotive Blog

Brush with Vauxhall history - original Viva, Job 1

Dave Leggett | 22 May 15

I was at an event yesterday organised by the UK's automotive trade association, the SMMT. It was a drive event at Millbrook Proving Ground.

The dinosaurs are back

Dave Leggett | 19 May 15

The dinosaurs are back? No, that's not a reference to the Top Gear Three who are reportedly readying for a Netflix rebirth.

Chevrolet asks journalist to leave Camaro launch. Guess why?

Glenn Brooks | 19 May 15

A writer from Jalopnik had an early exit from last weekend's Chevrolet Camaro media driving event after he crashed a prototype.

Hot Automotive Issues

Mexico attracts wave of automotive industry FDI

Mexico is attracting a wave of investment from OEMs attracted to its position as a low-cost NAFTA supplier to the US as well as its favourable trading arrangements with Latin American markets to the south. Ford and Toyota are the latest OEMs to announce significant new Mexico investments.

Russian Automotive Forum sees domestic opportunity as Rouble falls

Soaring inflation, sky-high interest rates, a depreciating Rouble and a 50% drop in oil prices have seen unprecedented economic headwinds batter Russia. But despite that backdrop, domestic OEMs and suppliers saw genuine opportunity at the Russian Automotive Forum in Moscow. We've grouped all the coverage here.

Geneva 2015

If it's March, it's the Geneva show

Russia's automotive sector facing crisis

Russia's automotive market and manufacturing industry is facing major difficulties this year as Russia's economy reels under the impact of collapsed oil prices and sanctions related to the Ukraine crisis. The falling car market is facing accelerated decline as car prices rise on a weak currency amid ebbing consumer and business confidence. And there is little immediate sign of improvement to the underlying causes of Russia's current malaise.

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PLDB - vehicle cycle plan database (annual subscription)

PLDB - vehicle cycle plan database (annual subscription)

PLDB from is a cost effective, vehicle cycle plan database, showing the production life of all major current and future vehicle models produced (or to be produced) globally by all brands from the world's vehicle groups. For each model, PLDB will tell you the vehicle code name, plant and country of manufacture, start of production date, end of production date, platform name, wheelbase, drive configuration, next product action - such as new model variants, new engines, facelifts, plus textual analysis in the 'comments' field. Subscribe or take a tour today... Read more

Published: July 2011 - ($3150.00)

LMC Automotive's European Passenger Car Production Estimates - Latest Monthly Update

Published: May 2015 - ($150.00)

3M India Limited (3MINDIA) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

Published: March 2015 - ($125.00)

Heavy Duty Trucks Market in Europe 2015-2019

Published: May 2015 - ($2500.00)

Global light vehicle OE connectivity market- forecasts to 2029

Published: April 2015 - ($1500.00)

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