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Fewer August discounts so US sales seen falling

BAIC planning South Africa car plant

FCA RHD Ram trucks now on sale in Australia/NZ

Paris show debuts list - Hyundai i10 facelift

Latest automotive news

BAIC planning South Africa car plant

Chinese carmaker Beijing Auto Industry Corporation (BAIC) is planning a manufacturing joint venture in South Africa that will eventually have the...

Hyundai workers reject wage deal, more talks soon

Hyundai Motor employees in South Korea have rejected a tentative wage agreement reached between management and their union in a move business newswire...

Audi sales chief happy with US diesel talks

Volkswagen could reach a "final" settlement with US regulators as early as October over its large engine diesel cars that cheated emissions tests,...

Honda and Daido develop high-performance magnet

Honda Motor and Daido Electronics have developed a new method for making high-performance magnets - used in motors in electric vehicles and other...

Ricardo and Quanchai to develop new diesel engines

Ricardo has signed an agreement with Anhui Quanchai Engine - one of China’s largest diesel engine makers - to support the development of a new...

FCA RHD Ram trucks now on sale in Australia/NZ

A project to import and convert to RHD Fiat Chrysler's Ram large pickup trucks for sale in Australia and New Zealand is now up and running, the...

Paris show debuts list - Hyundai i10 facelift

A mid-life restyle for the Hyundai i10 will make its public debut at the Paris motor show.

Fewer August discounts so US sales seen falling

US automakers' strategy to scale back discounts in August is a sign they're willing to maintain some price discipline, even if it raises the chances industry-wide annual sales will fall this month for the first time in seven years, a media report said.

Calais stack effect costs UK freight EUR1m daily

Extended major disruption at the Port of Calais would damage the British road freight industry to the tune of at least...

Calais crisis sees lorries "shredded with knives"

Some lorries using Port of Calais to cross the English Channel are being "completely shredded" with knives as the...

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Latest automotive insights

Opportunity ahead in autonomous, shared cars

Do you recall the vision of the future that was presented in the movie ‘Total Recall’?

ANALYSIS - Subaru Levorg GT

Subaru invented the crossover when it released the first Forester back in the 1990s. That all-wheel drive wagon with...

Diesel share of European car market falling

Data released by LMC Automotive shows that the diesel share of the West European car market is continuing to decline...

THE WEEK THAT WAS - VW and GM back in the news

Two of the world's largest automakers - Volkswagen and General Motors - have been in the news again this week, neither...

VW fires warning shot across supplier bows?

Volkswagen's major row with two of its suppliers for the past week or so concerned a relatively small dispute with component manufacturers, but was still deemed sufficiently serious to attract the attention of the Economics Ministry in Berlin.

ADAS technology partnerships shift up a gear

Mobileye and Delphi stepped forward this week to announce their plans to jointly develop a complete SAE Level 4/5...

Toyota's future model plans and platforms

The imminent end of North America's 2016 model year sees Toyota winding up Scion division but retaining certain models...

COMMENT - VW must change its buyer behaviour

As VW Group wrestles with the cost and other implications of ‘dieselgate’, attention this week was drawn to a dispute...

Hot issues

Volkswagen's emissions crisis

Volkswagen Group is at the centre of a scandal originating in the US that has revealed the rigging of emissions tests...

UK to leave the EU - what might it mean?

The UK has voted in a national referendum to leave the EU. It’s a move that brings a range of uncertainties in areas...

China's 2016 Global Automotive Forum in Chongqing

'New normal', 'still room to grow', 'lead or be knocked out'. Just three takeaways from this year's GAF in the key...

Explore PSA Peugeot Citroën's new business plan - 'Push to Pass'

PSA Peugeot Citroën has presented a new five-year business plan that includes ambitious financial targets and plans for...

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Design and engineering drivers for Honda’s new NSX

Honda Vehicle engineering leader Jason Bilotta talks about new technology applications and the design principles for the...

Apollo Tyres vice chairman & MD on growth plans

Continuing just-auto’s series of interviews with global tyre makers, Matthew Beecham spoke to Neeraj Kanwar, vice...

Convergent Science on combustion modelling trends

As automotive engineers push back the boundaries of combustion, an increasing number of studies are...

Engine downsizing has peaked say Federal Mogul

In a wide-ranging interview, as part of Federal Mogul Powertrain’s recent Technology Briefing days...

SRG Global Inc VP on active grille shutters - Q&A

SRG Global Inc, a subsidiary of Guardian Industries Corp, provides high value coatings on plastics...

Thought leaders

Cost control and operational excellence in the automotive industry

Process optimization, continuous performance improvement and sustainable results are fundamentals of lean methodology that Lectra applies to its integrated cutting room, enabling...

Discover new ways to thrive in the changing automotive leather industry

Keep pace with a changing industry- Download Lectra’s latest white paper and explore how an automated cutting solution can help you thrive in the complex and demanding automotive...

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Connected vehicle technologies - forecasts to 2031

Connected vehicle technologies - forecasts to 2031

Published: Jul 2016

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The Changing World of Car Interiors

The Changing World of Car Interiors

Published: Aug 2016

Discover how consumers’ evolving relationship with their vehicle is shaping tomorrow’s car interior

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