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Toyota to make hybrid transaxles in Poland

Tomorrow’s car seats – lighter, smarter, kinetic

How Harman is harmonising the millennial market

Eastern Europe labour worries surface this week

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Daimler to build global facility for lithium-ion b

Daimler has begun the construction phase for a second battery factory at subsidiary Accumotive's  site in Kamenz, Germany.

NHTSA confirms 11th US Takata fatality

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has confirmed that a crash fatality in Riverside County, Calif., is tied to a rupture of a recalled...

Panasonic and Tesla broaden battery partnership

Panasonic and Tesla Motor are broadening their battery partnership to include the manufacture and marketing of storage batteries for homes. They will...

California pumps US$363m into low-emission sector

California's Air Resources Board (CARB) has adopted a revised funding plan for proceeds from the cap-and-trade programme, which includes putting more...

Toyota Japan to begin sales of fuel cell buses

Toyota says it will begin selling fuel cell buses under the Toyota brand from early 2017.

Ford UK testing on new tech avoiding red light

Ford in Britain says that technology is currently being trialed with Ford cars to make "riding the green wave" a day-to-day reality. Green Light...

Ford breaks ground for Data Centre at Dearborn

Ford has broken ground at its Ford World Headquarters campus in Dearborn for a 'Data Centre of the Future '.

RHA still concerned about Calais as camp bulldozed

Britain's Road Haulage Association (RHA) is warning today's (24 October) bulldozing of the infamous 'jungle' migrant camp in Calais, is "by far the end of the problem" as worries surface the problem will simply reoccur.

Geely launches Lynk premium brand

With a compact SUV named '01', China's Geely has launched a new premium brand called 'Lynk & Co' which boasts European...

Toyota to make hybrid transaxles in Poland

Toyota Motor Europe said it would start production of a hybrid transaxle in 2018 at its Toyota Motor Manufacturing...

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Latest automotive insights

COMMENT - Industry consolidation just ratcheted up

Industry consolidation is much talked about in automotive circles. Just the other day, I heard the prediction - one that I first heard in the 1990s - that the global auto industry will eventually collapse to around six big players. Don't hold your breath though. It is probably true to say though that the process of consolidation or restructuring at the industry level is a pretty slow one and takes a number of forms. It is coming, but it will take time. Maybe though, we're seeing signs of acceleration.

Eastern Europe labour worries surface this week

I doubt things are at the Panic Button stage but, as automakers and suppliers continue to pile into 'low cost' eastern...

Back to school with Kia

It is a long time since I darkened the door of any university, and then only for the odd social visit, so it was...

Tomorrow’s car seats – lighter, smarter, kinetic

The three megatrends impacting the global automotive industry, namely fuel efficiency, individualisation and autonomous...

Zoe leads Renault's EV sales surge - Analysis

Overall sales numbers are modest but there's no doubting that the Zoe is finally becoming a success for Renault. A recently announced new battery pack which gives a far larger range might even make 2017 this B segment electric hatchback's best year yet.

Park assist makes parallel parking a breeze

A recent survey revealed that 15 percent of drivers avoid parallel parking and three-quarters get ‘stage fright’ when...

The post-Brexit vote update; we'd like your views

Brexit and its possible effects - good or bad - continues to be very much in the news here in Britain. This week, we...

Driving the 168mph Lexus GS F

Do we think of Lexus as a performance brand? Not usually. The LF-A was a few years ago now and the RC F is rarely seen...

Hot issues

Paris 2016

There were some notable no-shows but still plenty of excitement around the bi-annual Paris show. We were there and our...

UK to leave the EU - what might it mean?

The UK has voted in a national referendum to leave the EU. It’s a move that brings a range of uncertainties in areas...

China's 2016 Global Automotive Forum in Chongqing

'New normal', 'still room to grow', 'lead or be knocked out'. Just three takeaways from this year's GAF in the key...

Explore PSA Peugeot Citroën's new business plan - 'Push to Pass'

PSA Peugeot Citroën has presented a new five-year business plan that includes ambitious financial targets and plans for...

Latest interviews

How Harman is harmonising the millennial market

Forget 22-inch wheels, a recent study found that around one-third of new car buyers say that the audio brand in their...

Hyundai-Kia design chief's design philosophy

There is a corner of the Korean auto industry which, if not forever German, is taking on an increasingly strong Teutonic...

SMMT chief bangs EU single market drum - Interview

Speaking exclusively to just-auto, SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes says the UK auto industry’s...

FIEV urges action from France President candidates

French supplier association, FIEV says it has written to all candidates involved in the country's...

Ghosn raises Nissan Qashqai question-mark for UK

The manufacturing location for the next generation Nissan Qashqai is an investment decision that...

Thought leaders

Cost control and operational excellence in the automotive industry

Process optimization, continuous performance improvement and sustainable results are fundamentals of lean methodology that Lectra applies to its integrated cutting room, enabling...

Discover new ways to thrive in the changing automotive leather industry

Keep pace with a changing industry- Download Lectra’s latest white paper and explore how an automated cutting solution can help you thrive in the complex and demanding automotive...

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Europe Autos Report Q4 2016

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United States Autos Report Q4 2016

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