What capabilities would a vehicle that can successfully circumnavigate the globe need to possess? With autonomous vehicles, the goal is to get to a point when they can give us a “boring” or uneventful ride.

And you may be thinking, “Well, that’s not exciting at all!”

But, it’s safe and trustworthy enough for you as a rider to shift your focus from the fact that there is no driver. After all, it’s only after you feel safe that you can fully relax and enjoy the ride as well as all the amenities that come with the vehicle.

AV companies are tackling this challenge head-on by borrowing safety approaches from the aviation industry as well as innovating new strategies.

In this episode, the first part out of two, Ed Bernardon interviews Mark R. Rosekind, Chief Safety Innovation Officer at Zoox, Inc. He’ll help understand the challenges of building an autonomous electric vehicle and the progress they’ve made so far. He’ll also share with us the steps that the automotive industry can take to increase people’s safety on the road.