Imagine you are about to make a huge purchase, like a car. How would you decide what to buy? You would probably think about your needs, your budget, your preferences, and the value of the product. You would also consider how the product will serve you now and in the future. These are common questions that most people ask before spending a lot of money on something. But what if the product you are buying is not just a car, but a mobility solution? What if the way you move around is changing, and so are your expectations and desires?

Lynk & Co has been following their research from seven years ago and it confirms a fascinating trend in the US, Europe, and China: people are shifting their time from buying cars to sharing cars. Cars are less about ownership and more about experience. It’s evident everywhere — people enjoy yoga, sports, trips, instead of just accumulating stuff. And of course, when they focus more on their activities, rather than their possessions, they also become more open to lend what they have because it’s not that meaningful to them anymore. So, they offer a growth of a sharing community, but also a culture where people cherish experiences over ownership.