When cities ran out of space, people built skyscrapers. This allowed them to take advantage of the space that was already there, waiting to be utilized.

Now, as traffic in cities becomes slower and slower due to congestion, there is a need to rethink transportation in such places. After all, why waste the only resource we can’t create more of, time, sitting in traffic?

Air taxis are seeking to do exactly what people did with skyscrapers, move part of the traffic into the air. While this endeavor is still in the early planning and development phases, the problem it seeks to solve cannot be ignored. 

In this episode, the first part of two, Ed Bernardon interviews Jon Rimanelli, founder and CEO of Airspace Experience Technologies (ASX), a company developing an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft to transform mobility between cities, suburbs, and airports. He will share with us how their Sigma 6 aircraft will work and their progress so far.