If you eat today, thank a farmer! Farming is one of the most important aspects of human life as we know it.

It’s also one of the biggest contributors to environmental pollution which is causing climate change that threatens our lives as we know it. Simply put, we can’t live without farming – but how can we live with it!

This is where sustainable farming comes in, and one of the ways to promote it is by using eco-friendly, cost-effective farming machines. For instance, an electric tractor that reduces a farm’s carbon footprint while also autonomous to reduce operating costs.

In this episode, the first part out of two, Ed Bernardon interviews Carlo Mondavi, grandson of Napa Valley icon Robert Mondavi, and founder/Chief Farming Officer of Monarch Tractor. Carlo is also a farmer and one of the owners of RAEN Winery.

We’ll talk about the use of autonomous electric tractors in implementing cost-effective and sustainable farming as well as learn a bit about what it takes to manage a vineyard and turn grapes into fine wine.