Concept: Turkish security and software company HAVELSAN has launched secure file storage and sharing platform ‘HAVELSAN Drive’ which allows users to store and secure important files both on cloud and on premise servers. The platform can operate on a closed intranet of a client or can function on the internet as well. It provides users with the ability to access and manage files from mobile phones, the web and desktop applications, and instantly exchange files with other authorized peers within the network.

Nature of Disruption: HAVELSAN Drive supports public or private cloud to store all types of files including videos, photos, voice files and digital archives. It automatically separates all the transferred files to pieces and it can store each piece in separate servers. As the drive records everything, it also can be loaded back –if system admin allows- all deleted files from cloud. Users can transfer files to the drive via desktop application (folder listener) or manual method (drag & drop) and also SOAP Web services. The platform applies an agent for SQL database backup automatically into the cloud, which allows users to schedule back-up (full-differential) chosen databases from their servers and allows to reach backups from anywhere at any time. The service comes with a user friendly interface to create file and passwords online, and management of downloaded files. It additionally provides an internal sharable calendar, management of emails, extra security checks and generates file shareable links in real-time. Other key features of HAVELSAN Drive include secure file storage backed by its proprietary data storing method, data encryption, document scanning, transaction logging and outlook plugins.

Outlook: Security for activities such as file sharing, file storage and access within organizations remains a major concern and requires strong attention especially while working remotely in the wake of COVID-19. To secure and store vital data of an enterprise, HAVELSAN has developed a unified file storage and sharing platform, which can enable to save, maintain, secure and track files in real-time. The drive not only helps enterprises to streamline the way they store and retrieve data but also reduce manual efforts and security concerns.

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