Concept: American startup (Fetcher) offers an automated recruiting platform to enable companies to hire suitable candidates. Its AI-powered platform can help enterprises to minimize unconscious bias while enhancing the size and scope of diverse talent pools.

Nature of Disruption: Fetcher’s AI-augmented platform offers enterprises an internal team that trains and monitors data to deliver a pipeline of suitable candidates. Fetcher’s algorithms search for prospects after a recruiter uploads a job description and furnishes some initial feedback that can match those requirements to accumulate candidate data from across the web. The platform provides insights into how many prospects might be required to ensure a hire and automates outreach accordingly. It integrates with email, calendars and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Fetcher’s Chrome extension facilitates recruiters to manually source data directly on LinkedIn, which helps in filtering qualified prospective candidates into automated email outreach sequences for engagement. With the platform, hiring managers can monitor metrics, comprising open rates, response rates and interview booking rates. They can also sync their calendars to create meetings, add scheduling links to email templates, arrange availability and block out times depending on a preferred schedule. Fetcher’s robust analytics empowers companies to monitor top-of-funnel performance metrics at the individual and team levels and at the position and company levels also. These metrics not only provide teams a comprehension of what is needed at each stage in the funnel to meet and exceed their hiring goals, but they also help grow varying candidate pipelines with new diversity analytics.

Outlook: Fetcher acknowledges how vital sourcing is in assisting companies to build diverse teams and has several product updates in place to support these initiatives. It has already begun working with several companies like Shutterstock, Loadsmart, Behr Paint Company and more. The startup has recently accumulated funds from its seed funding round led by G20 Ventures and aims to expand its workforce size with the money received.

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