Concept: Chinese Envision Group (Envision) has inaugurated Mochi, the world’s first mass-produced, mobile smart charging robot that functions with green electricity in Shanghai. Mochi is based on EnOS, an intelligent cloud-based, and open IoT operating system, and can charge EVs in 2 hours for a range up to 600 km.

Nature of Disruption: Mochi is powered by Envision’s EnOS, which offers Mochi access to green electricity, enabling EVs to provide passengers with a completely green ride. Mochi is compliant with the majority of conventional EVs on the market. The robot has a capacity of 70 kWh and a power output of 42 kW and is driven by Envision’s AESC vehicle-security-level batteries. The robot is small, flexible with precise location-sensing technology that allows it to navigate with centimeter-level precision. When approaching obstacles, Mochi can easily stop from a full speed of 1m/s in less than 0.1 seconds, ensuring safety. EV drivers who subscribe to the service via the Mochi app can leave their cars and rely on Mochi to charge them automatically. It would set up a smart charging schedule, find the EV, and begin charging independently after receiving instructions. Additionally, Envision’s EnOST, an AIoT platform that will perform real-time monitoring and a thorough health examination on the EV battery to ensure its safety during charging.

Outlook: Since pre-installed charging points are often occupied by other users in public areas, finding an available spot in charging stations can be a hassle for EV drivers. Here, Mochi can be used in a variety of places and can conveniently locate and charge EVs, saving drivers time and effort. Mochi could provide a modular solution to better satisfy the growing need for charging stations as more EVs enter the market. The robot has been planned to hit the market in June 2021.

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