Wind River and Renesas Electronics are expanding their collaboration for connected, advanced driver assist systems, as well as autonomous driving programmes.

The cooperation includes plans to pre-validate Wind River software with Renesas R-Car systems-on-chip (SoCs). Software from the Wind River automotive portfolio is currently available on reference hardware for several existing Renesas SoCs.

These include those for next-generation systems targeting vision and image processing applications relevant for autonomous driving, safety support systems and also SoCs targeting in-vehicle infotainment.

“Connected and autonomous cars must intelligently interpret the world around them and this is pushing software complexity to rapidly increase within the automobile,” said Wind River VP Automotive, Marques McCammon.

“In order to achieve advanced automotive systems, software and hardware must work together seamlessly.

“By leveraging pre-validated solutions that are ready for deployment, car makers can quickly achieve their goals for delivering innovation and accelerating their time-to-market.”

Renesas is a supplier of microcontrollers (MCUs) and semiconductor solutions including MCUs, SoC solutions,and a range of analogue and power devices.

“With the move towards a more connected and autonomous future and the growing sophistication of automotive systems, increased collaboration across the ecosystem is essential,” added Renesas Automotive Technical Customer Engagement Division senior director, Masayasu Yoshida.