FAW reported its sales results for the first-half of 2016: cumulative wholesales increased 8.1% to 1,485m units, retail sales were 1,471m units, up 9.3% year over year.

FAW June wholesales rose 18.1% to 238,000 units, retail sales totalled 237,000 units, up 12.2% year-on-year.

FAW-Volkswagen, a joint venture between FAW Group and Volkswagen, H1 wholesales increased 11.7% to 898,000 units. Volkswagen brand wholesales were 622,000 units, up 10.2% year over year. H1 wholesales of Sagitar and Jetta rose 27.7% and 30.1% to 156,000 units and 170,000 units respectively. Audi brand H1 wholesales increased 15.2% to 276,000 units. Wholesales of Audi Q3 were 39,000 units, rose 13.4%. Audi A3 H1 wholesales were 40,000 units.

FAW Toyota, a joint venture between FAW Group and Toyota Motor, realised H1 wholesales of 320,000 units, up 17.8%.

FAW Group's Jiefang commercial truck division realised H1 wholesales of 101,000 units, rose 44.4% year over year. Wholesales of tractors jumped 68.6% year on year, including 13,839 Jiefang J6 navigator tractors.

H1 wholesales of FAW Jilin Automobile were 25,000 units. June sales of Xenia R7 were 5,000 units.
Established in 1953, the company is China's oldest and largest automotive group. Annual sales exceed 2m units.