Volvo Trucks is claiming a world first with deliveries of its first models using fossil-free steel.

Last September, the company started series production of heavy-duty electric, 44 tonne trucks, saying some would also be the first trucks built with fossil-free steel.

“Our journey to net zero emissions includes both making our vehicles fossil free in operation and over time fully replacing the material in our trucks with fossil-free and recycled alternatives,” said Jessica Sandstrom, SVP of product management.

The fossil-free steel is produced by the Swedish steel manufacturer SSAB and is made by using a completely new technology with fossil-free electricity and hydrogen.

The result is a claimed significantly lower climate impact and “an important step towards a net-zero emissions value chain”. Customers getting fossil-free steel in some of their electric trucks are Amazon and DFDS and, through the transport company Simon Loos , Unilever.

The first steel produced with hydrogen is being used in the electric truck’s frame rails. As availability increases, it will also be introduced in other parts.

Around 30% of the materials in a new Volvo truck come from recycled materials. Also, up to 90% of the truck can be recycled at the end of its life.

“Fossil-free steel will be an important complement to the traditional and recycled steel used in Volvo’s trucks,” the manufacturer said.